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Hi Pentagon. (An article in stylish “letter outfit”, under construction.) – Topic WikiLeaks, Nr. 4 – UPDATE. reactions to smear campaign started Aug 21st 2010 – UPDATE: CIA paper release announced for wednesday, aug 25th 2010 – incl. first media reactions to RED CELL paper release

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(wn030. since letters seem to be quite up to date nowadays, as we  have to assume, reminding of the last lines in the linked complement – we’re happy to join the funky trend and add ours in a  stylish letter-like outfit too, now. ) – UPDATE – first web reactions to smear campaign started by Pentagon-  Aug 21st 2010 THE ARREST  WARRANT WITHDRAWAL INFORMATION WAS AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC SINCE 5:45 pm GMT+1 central european time (update linking to: CNN/AP/Reuters/BBC and quite-a-some other). – UPDATE: CIA paper release announced for wednesday, 25th 2010 – UPDATE: first reactions to CIA red cell memo release


General Council of the Department of Defense

1600 Defense Pentagon

Washington D.C. 20301-1600



Re: WikiLeaks, your letter stamped with the date aug 16th.


Hi Pentagon.

nice to read your funny last letter after a full set of quite good jokes – respect for this, seriously – jokes we will definitely not be able to stop laughing about that soon, to be honest. You seem to have missed some pages online in the last weeks at least, and some tons of article replies  to your official statements – we understand, you’re busy, but reading newspapers from time to time could be maby a good idea, even for pentagonpips, if you allow us to mention. So let us please repeat some of the main points  – points you might have missed – in this few lines.


Re your first line. We understand that you represent yourself as the lawyer-background voice of the pip who’s packing his box in this moment and who we wish a soon and relaxing retirement time, we stress the word soon in this sentence. Indeed, you seem to have been contacted regarding the “some 15.000” docs, still missing parts of the Afghan War Diary. In this your sentence opening the letter, you call these documents classified. Listen, we have some questions about this. If you take a look at e.g. the “Collateral Murder” video (the video your military structure had so many problems to find for quite a long time, isn’t it?) and take a look at some seconds of this video. Let’s take, for example, the shooting at an obviously seriously injured person at the ground, trying to rescue himself from your killers – or let’s take the second with the “bastards” sentence… would you call the documents (and yes, we are in fact talking about digital ones, docs) as classified as this video?


For a time longer now than two presidental periods in office, your country got used to the thought it’s not bound to any other legal bounds than your own private definitions. You call a doc revealing a war crime a “classified” doc and expect the rest of the globe will see a yellow color when looking at the sky, just because you defined it as yellow, out of your  fun of it? Ever developped the idea in your mind that aside of you at your pentagon desk there, the secretary, and of course those  interesting congress con clowns, aside of those few  – there might be quite some pips on this globe, on more than one continent only, seeing still a blue color when looking up and seeing still a war crime, how ‘classified’ ever you wished to cover it?


Let’s take a look at some next parts of this convincing piece of paper of yours. (article under construction. to be continued soon. next paragraphs: about “demanding back” a digital doc. a short training in digital era basics and clarification of ridiculousness of “demanding a doc back”. to be followed by a paragraph about calling a pure and simple publication announcement a “threat” – incl. short clarification to remind pentagon how to differentiate between those both.)


You end your impressive opening sentence with claiming, WikiLeaks is “holding” documents and “threatening” to make them public. May we please remind you that “threatening” in this context is an expression launched to the media by you. What WL in fact did was an announcement of the publication at a press conference. Threatening, dear Pentagonpip, is something else. You threat someone when you order or let people publicly call for crime actions on foreign ground, as one of your fellows for example recently did. You threat people, when you order or allow people to publicly call for a “legal” murder, so obviously “in line with” one of the main books your civilized country claims to build its grounds on. You do more than just a threat when you push your ‘ok’-buttons to let things happen like this or these ones.


Now let’s come to the expression “holding”. Listen. We understand you’re used to conversations with pips who hardly see anything else around them but stuff they are “holding”. We will explain later why “holding” a piece of paper in front of your nose is something else than sev. thousands copies of docs on clouds, in networks, on harddrives  CD’s,  USB-Sticks and and and. First let us please clarify something else. We understand that due to your usage to stick to people with a “holding” tick – connections you knew how to activate in order to let the treason of a young person with the ability to think and with the ability to critisize happen. To let this treason happen for money, as far as we’re informed, isn’t it.


Still may we please remind you that using this terminology – typical for you and the place you’re sitting at – is a bit dislocated in this context? Holding? WL is not a paper bank interest securities cell,  mister, we have no idea how you developped this strange complex other than simply sticking to the structure of your brain while talking and forgettign that there are more than one, two, three hundred, four thousand or five millions pips listening. They might combine to more horizons than the one of a safe. So do next time choose your words a bit more carefully, please. There’s no need to turn to bank securities terms  in letters just because you see yourself confronted with something like this 1,4 GB there.


Now let’s turn to the shorter, 2nd paragraph of your letter. Nice to read that you believe your position re. given digital docs and the publication announcement to be “clear”. We understand this as a next sympathic pointe of a running gag, let’s shorten it up with a back-joke which for sure you will also find an extremely good one. The joke goes: “How many Winblows admins do you need in order to change a light bulb? – No one, winblows declares obscurity as a standard.” For sure you noticed the usage of philosophical terms in this joke. We understand therefore the usage of the term “clear” (and the not yet used nominization “clarity”) as your clear wish to create a new form of this joke, turning its beginning to “How many Pentagon pips do you need in order to change a light bulb…” – we’ll take care to get a perfect cartoon fitting to your wish. We know to value good jokes, and this one was definitely another one hitting the black center of a dart board.


Alright, now let’s come to your next paragraph. This contains some statements which are able to deeply confuse the  readers of your statements for quite a while now, maybe this way we’ll be able to shed some light on the complex. You will understand we ignore the repetition of the “holding” term in the first line of paragraph three, after our explanation given above. But what’s striking in this line is the claiming, WL has access to something which is a “property” of the United States. Listen, we coincidentally found something like this online a couple of days ago, while watching the news. And we – coincidentally – have seen some replies to this. If you take a look at them, you’ll see the curiousity about you demanding ‘docs’ back as if they were pieces of paper and claiming it’s yours although usually – if it’s yours and since they are in fact docs – then what for haven’s sake is going on in your office? Why can’t you find your own stuff on your own? Was the cartoon author (cartoon visible here after click’n’scrolling down) right? You ask WL to help you to get your office cleaned up a bit? To find stuff you can’t find on your own?


Seriously, it could be a bit not-that-easy to communicate this your wonderful first sentence in the third paragraph to the pips online worldwide, for a simple reason: – they – look at the stuff using a monitor.


But let’s come back to the next connotation of your “ownership”/”property” claim. Listen. If a Pentagon person tomorrow sais: “We have invented a new law. From today on everybody who wears blue T-Shirts can be shot legally.” Or: “From tomorrow 5 o’clock in the morning everybody who drinks black coffe deserves death penalty.” Or: “The new law saying whoever clicks on from tomorrow on is free to be shot down if seen on the street, legally.” Or: “If you sit in a heli and see pips with a cam, you can shoot them down, legally. Don’t worry, we will afterwards say it’s “just war”” – Do you think the pips on all those nice continents around you will simply nod and shut up? Tell us – have you, finally, ever heard about Den Haag? Does the idea that there might be laws stronger than a Pentagon new brilliant “legal” idea existing on earth finally reach you there in this idyllic Pentagon digitalfree, pre-Atari, newspaperfree island of yours? We understand that you try not to read one, two, three, fifteen, thirty newspapers. But there might be a moment when things are getting ridiculous. Pips might start to ask: ok, if Pentagon seems neither no know what a computer is nor to be able to read a.n.y. newspaper – d.o. they read, at all? Sure, all of them are alphabetized? R.e.a.l.l.y. sure? It simply is slowly making a quite surprising impression.










(to be continued soon…) (










Written by wn030

August 19, 2010 at 12:50 am

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  1. waiting for the rest of the letter and a bit bored?

    how about a short music break, in the meanwhile:


    August 20, 2010 at 10:00 pm

  2. […] mit einem kleinen Spruch das Werkchen zu kommentieren erlauben wir uns am Rande doch. Während der Pentagon auf einer friedlichen, von der Außenwelt abgeschlossenen Insel der Voratari-S…, zeigt die Berliner Streetartszene  sich bereits mitten in der Phase “Reanalogisierung des […]

  3. Update. wir unterbrechen den Brief-Stil für eine dringende Kurzmeldung. Pentagon erwies sich heute als verzweifelt einfallsreich. Es sind Frauen angeheuert worden, um Aussagen zu machen, die Assange diskreditieren. (Update hierzu: Sagen wir mal so: Zum Zeitpunkt dieser Aktualisierung – August 2010 – sah das schon sehr stark nach einem minder zufälligen Zufall aus.)

    We interrupt the letter for a short message. Pentagon shows itself deeply helpless and turning to the dirty method. They finally found women they can pay for claming. Wow, what a perfect cooperation choice you show, Pentagon! Definitely pofessional behaviour, hum? So, you preferred to cooperate with the oldest business on earth, now, Pentagon. We understand.

    hier ein kleiner einblick in kurze online-reaktionen: – aus dem tickerchannel – web voices

    The Pentagon is considering charges against #Wikileaks…um, how ’bout NOT using my tax dollars for that! #lame

    @wikileaks Release the encryption key today, let’s get this rolling.

    John Pilger predicted this smear campaign against #Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Pentagon plan to “fatally marginalize”

    Pentagon: that’s boring. how about accusing Assange of being an E.T. smuggled in from Mars? NASA would like that more. @washdcnews @ObamaNews

    (kurz nach 15 uhr handelsblatt sendet info, dass der haftbefehl bereits umgesetzt worden sei – andere medien wissen vorerst nur von dem haftbefehl selbst.;2640035 )

    Wikileaks’ Assange victim of dirty tricks rape accusation. We knew this was in the pipeline. (updated)

    svenska dagbladet –

    der haftbefehl wurde laut guardian am späten gestrigen abend erlassen

    RT @nprnews: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Charged With Rape // sounds like govt has something to hide

    WikiLeaks founder wanted in Sweden on rape charge (Reuters): Reuters – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whos…

    another web voice (wordpress)

    tickerchannel voice “Accusing the Wikileaks founder of rape right after they publish classified documents? Uhhh, conspiracy, anyone?”

    RT @wikileaks We were warned to expect “dirty tricks”. Now we have the first one: (take care, the comment function does not work properly there)

    Alexander Higgins Did US Fabricate Rape Charge?

    the Reuters link is here (not via yahoo) – WikiLeaks founder wanted in Sweden on rape charge:

    YahooNews WikiLeaks founder says rape claim is ‘dirty tricks’ (AFP): AFP – The founder of cont… @mikes_web_page

    Interesting timing for a rape accusation?

    Given the timing, its hard to believe that Assange’s accusation of rape isn’t political motivated #wikileaks (bbc link)

    RT the original Reuters link is here – Reuterslink nr 2:

    5:45 p.m. gmt+1

    Prosecutors withdraw warrant for WikiLeaks founder, say rape suspicion unfounded – AP

    CNNsever – Swedish prosecutors have revoked the arrest warrant alleging rape against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. #CNN

    rücknahme haftbefehl gegen assange (3. link nach AP und CNN)

    Reuters: – Sweden drops arrest warrant … and.. yes, here is Reuters link 2 of Reuters article 2 of today

    (freitag hilft mit beim rundsenden der rücknahmeinfo – derfreitag – RT @Reuters: Sweden drops arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder ) (gute artikel brauchen schließlich zeit, ein tweet ist ja auch schon mal was…)

    BBC (Sweden has cancelled arrest warrant …)


    August 21, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    • you are wrong
      the first information is not the message of reuters, it’s this the message
      Orden de arresto contra el fundador de Wikileaks por violación
      look who’s carmen villar de mir
      and this information shows that’s not reuters who begin
      other fact
      it’ the columnist of abc who mentioned the first the tabloid. certainly he was soon printed but was not quoted in any research motor. Who knows the swedish Columnist? Nobody…
      it’s abc who gives the link and begin the big buzz. This point is, for me, absolutly essential to understand the opération

      wn030: probably a misunderstanding. we mentioned “original reuters link”, because during the hot topic wave there were also links to page copies of the reuters message sent (with other than the original reuters web address). we searched for the links to the original reuters pages and linked it here. we did not claim reuters was the first news agency to send the first message around, neither about the accuse nor about the withdrawal. we couldn’t, we can only mention the chronology of the messages how they reached the public, as far as we could observe it. the messages themselves came in the 2nd case in a short timeframe and in a high frequency, so a deep investigation of seconds which agency was faster seemed – for us – a bit a too high effort for a topic like this. it’s serious because we in fact, too, doubt in the coincidents in this case and the method used (yellowpress media) keeps making a quite a strange and suspect impression, but losing more time for this topic while public waits for a next news agency or larger medium being able to reach bradley manning for an interview is a bit – in fact – “disturbing”, we agree here.

      but coming back to the operation. the yellowpress newspaper got hold of the ‘story’ on friday, to be printed for saturday, available on saturday morning. in fact the linked article taking it and linking to expressen shows day and time (now showing 15.06h, so 3.06 pm, time of the v.i.s.i.b.l.e. first comment shows – not easy to find it – on page 6: “21.8.2010 08:53h.”, so in fact, strange. usually, a snapshot or 3nd eye witness of the original publication day time, 8:42, would be helpful, but the time entered by a reader above and the comment time in fact are at least two proofs now. a possible 3rd proof: there might be links to this article, in this case, showing an earlier publication time than the time abc shows right now, articles quoting abc – let’s say with a publication time 9-10 a.m. or a time corresponding to this (it’s easy to play with databank number entries but maybe there is an early link to abc on a reliable larger platform…) (btw we finally made a snapshot of the time jump as the abc page appears right now) – the page shows madrid time, so gmt+1. so, according to the first readers’ comment, saturday early morning. seems in fact to have been an interesting night shift for the abc person.

      hilla de clack

      August 24, 2010 at 10:35 am

  4. we repeat (from above.)

    5:45 p.m. gmt+1

    Prosecutors withdraw warrant for WikiLeaks founder, say rape suspicion unfounded – AP

    CNNsever – Swedish prosecutors have revoked the arrest warrant alleging rape against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. #CNN

    rücknahme haftbefehl gegen assange (3. link nach AP und CNN)

    Reuters: – Sweden drops arrest warrant



    August 21, 2010 at 4:08 pm

  5. online voices nach der bekanntgabe der rücknahme des haftbefehls – Titel der Sammlung (für fans gepflegt-gehobener deutschsprachiger Woody-Allen-filmtitel): “Was Sie schon immer über Pentagon-Schüsse-nach-hinten wissen wollten”

    …netzpolitik hat ebenfalls schon update integriert:

    … auch bei heise ist das update jetzt sichtbar (nach unten scrollen)

    6:30 p.m. gmt+1 – update auch bei mashable online –

    auch auf n-tv ist die info über die rücknahme des haftbefehls schon online:

    sweden drops assange rape charge (Saturday, August 21, 2010 19:36 Mecca time, 16:36 GMT )

    WSJ: (“Swedish police said Saturday that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was “no longer wanted” for rape, reversing its position just hours after saying his arrest was being sought. …”)

    politico: (Sweden clears WikiLeaks founder – By CHARLES HOSKINSON | 8/21/10 12:21 PM EDT)


    cbc: – (Sweden drops arrest warrant for WikiLeaks chief – Last Updated: Saturday, August 21, 2010 | 12:59 PM ET)

    cio Wirtschaft – Meldung vom 21.08.2010 18:47 Uhr – Wirbel um Wikileaks-Chef: Haftbefehl wieder aufgehoben – 21.08.2010 – “… Der Chef des Enthüllungsportals Wikileaks wurde in Schweden erst wegen Vergewaltigung per Haftbefehl gesucht. Kurze Zeit später ruderte die Justiz dann zurück. – Stockholm (dpa) – Mysteriöser Justiz-Wirbel um den Chef des Enthüllungsportals Wikileaks…

    …und na bitte. zeitonline hat’s mittlerweile gepackt, hier ist das ding. – special: ZEIT ONLINE – link 2

    guardian: (“Gavin MacFadyen, director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism, … said: “A lot of us who had any notion of what he was doing expected this sort of thing to happen at least a week ago. I’m amazed it has taken them this long to get it together. This is how smears work. The charges are made and then withdrawn and the damage is done. …”)

    tagesschau korrigiert gegen 19 uhr rum: Schweden: Haftbefehl gegen WikiLeaks-Gründer aufgehoben

    u.ha – auch die FAZ hat nun was online. hier ist deren ergebnis. grundlage text und bild: dpa (dürfte vom späten abend sein. faz-leser twittern das ding nach mitternacht auf den 22.8. durch)

    und anderntags, am sonntag noch, zieht die süddeutsche nach. (von spiegel noch schweigen.) (“We were warned on the 11th by Australian intelligence that we would expect this sort of thing. They had some concerns that we would have something like that,” Assange told Al Jazeera television in an interview. … The Pentagon was not immediately available for comment.”)

    so und dann noch was von Time/CNN/AP –,8599,2012373,00.html – und das war’s dann zu dem thema von uns vorerst. es kann nicht sein, dass sich zu wikileaks plötzlich alles um wikileaks und eine einzige person dreht. erstens ist wikileaks – soweit uns bekannt – durch die mitarbeit, unterstützung und hilfe vieler personen möglich (nicht nur möglich geworden, sondern auch die aufrechterhaltung der plattform) und zweitens sollte es nicht gelegentlich wieder um die dokumente gehen, die sich dort einfinden? wir finden ja und machen – während die welt auf die noch fehlenden 15k wartet, schon mal mit einem unscheinbaren kleinen randthema weiter. (wenn auch auf den ersten blick auch nicht besonders weit von yellowpressthemen entfernt…) – the medium is the message greifen wir als spruch in gewissen sinne – in bezug auf die metadiskussion – zwar gerne auf, aber… momentan wird uns das ganze etwas zu einseitig personenlastig. the medium may be the message, but one person is not the medium.

    (ok and definitely the last link about the “hot saturday” is a link to cnn. whoever feels interested in hot topics – the full cnn report – feel free to click. – but seriously, we hope the media can return soon to more interesting contents – discovering documents, placing open calls if wikileaks finally decides to give journalists a place to publish open calls, trying to get an interview with bradley manning who is left quite alone by the media in these last days, which is btw not a really good situation for someone being in a military prison… contents like this. we simply wish the media the possibility to return to their regular work – which will be only possible if pentagon proceeds with helping gates to pack his box and generally leaves the platform alone finally. this all was ridiculous enough so far, seriously.)

    …ok maybe this last link. but that’s really the very last link we enter about this in fact a bit strange saturday.

    …gosh – no, there will be probably one or another next link needed re this topic which right now in fact is able to distract some media (has anybody seen a recent interview with bradley since the CNN article? the guy is in military prison… not that good for a person there to lose media attention) – anyway there are some next update links probably needed soon. there is a statement expected on tuesday (“…Statement by chief prosecutor Eva Finné – I will analyse this matter thoroughly and make all necessary legal judgements, to be able to decide on the progress of the investigation. My estimation is that I can give information later this week, probably already tomorrow (Tuesday). …”



    updates aug 24th 2010

    alright, let’s take a look, what do we have here on tuesday. we have a woman who after a talk with a stranger agrees to go to the police (because, as the rumour goes, being not satisfied with the accused person not using condoms.) aha. alright and then suddenly a page goes online (someone made a fake assange twitter account and that’s the hot link the account sent around) – <- you erm will for sure all recognize the deeply feministic and very recommendable porn photos incl ads to playboy giving the page as well as the accuses a really reliable look… – generally, turning to the police after a talk with a stranger. so nowadays feministic female beings prefer to search for a police station instead of a pharmacy when missing something? – NEWS! tell us more. and yes, this all looking for sure more and more – “extremely coincidental” – we live in a wonderland – and of course no other interests behind. – anyway – feel free to join this another talk here if having time for “hot topics”:

    aljazeera interview with stockholm prosecutor spokesperson: (so, “later this week…”) (aug 24th): “Probably it will be this week. Hopefully we will be ready tomorrow.” (so, probably this week tomorrow. probably. – man, what’s going on there…)

    btw look at this well educated behaviour, isn’t this brave and nice? -> “Mr Assange diluted his direct accusation against the Pentagon but remained adamanent his reputation was targetted.” (quotation, see link above. the typo is an original telegraph typo, btw.) – aha. diluted. let him do. we don’t dilute anyhing here. (“Wie Schwedens bekanntester Strafverteidiger, Leif Silberksy, am Dienstag bestätigte, wird er Assange vertreten …” – Dienstag, also heute. Erm Newsecho – wie habt ihr das getaggt, unter “Kriminalität”?)

    etwas vernünftige webadresse zeigt: – läuft fast gleichzeitig mit newsecho durch den tickerchannel, ebenfalls, wie oben, auf dpa-grundlage. satzform hier: “…Silbersky bestätigte den Auftrag am Dienstag in Stockholm, wollte aber zu Einzelheiten nichts sagen….” (“…The Pentagon quickly denounced the charges as “absurd.” But there is no doubt that the Pentagon is seeking to gain from them in its information war with WikiLeaks: when the case first emerged, the accusations were aggressively spread by the Pentagon via Twitter. …”)

    update (heise) 28.8.2010 – welche rolle, zusätzlich zum o.a., die anstehenden wahlen in schweden spielen dürften…


    August 21, 2010 at 4:13 pm

  6. (in the meanwhile… returning to the more interesting topic which pentagon tried to hide with a paid girls cover) (sry we don’t believe in wonderland’s time coincidents)

    “…A U.S. lawyer representing the whistleblowing web site Wikileaks says U.S. government officials have been given codes and passwords granting them online access to official U.S. government documents that Wikileaks so far has not published.

    Timothy Matusheski, a lawyer from Hattiesburg, Miss., who says he represents whistleblowers and has been in touch with both Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and at least one government official involved in investigations of Wikileaks, said Wikileaks had set up a “secure channel” through which authorized users could access the unpublished material. He said credentials for using this Web site had been forwarded to representatives of the U.S. government whom he did not identify. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman did not immediately respond to requests for comment. …”


    ebenfalls empfehlenswerte, trocken-sarkastische wortmeldung (aus dem tickerchannel): Look at all the blood WikiLeaks has on its hands:


    August 21, 2010 at 4:33 pm

  7. …und eins vielleicht noch. sehr hübscher kommentar zum heutigen nachmittag:

    fast so gut :] etwas ähnliches auf englisch:

    another recommendable comment: (“…Bizarrely the offence for which Julian is wanted for questioning in Sweden was dropped from rape to sexual harassment, and then from sexual harassment to just harassment. The precise law in Swedish, as translated for me and other Sam Adams alumni by our colleague Major Frank Grevil, reads: “He who lays hands on or by means of shooting from a firearm, throwing of stones, noise or in any other way harasses another person will be sentenced for harassment to fines or imprisonment for up to one year.” So from rape to non-sexual something. Actually I rather like that law – if we had it here, I could have had Jack Straw locked up for a year. Julian tells us that the first woman accuser and prime mover had worked in the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC and had been expelled from Cuba for anti-Cuban government activity, as well as the rather different persona of being a feminist lesbian who owns lesbian night clubs.”


    August 21, 2010 at 8:23 pm

  8. another letter analysis: (this page linked below, for example, already managed to read all the stuff. – or at least page’s author or authors. we – wn030 – prefer to take a bit more time for this and to do this thouroughly)

    but anyway, could be interesting, too. here’s the link:

    quotation: “…Instead, the Pentagon is doing the opposite: first lying by denying that WikiLeaks ever sought this help, then refusing to provide it in response. In the conflict between the U.S. Government and WikiLeaks, it is true that one of the parties seems steadfastly indifferent to the lives of Afghan civilians. Despite the very valid criticisms that more care should have been exercised before that first set of documents was released, the party most guilty of that indifference is not WikiLeaks….”


    August 22, 2010 at 2:41 pm

  9. […] doc on simply got on our nerves for app. 2 weeks now and we felt like – due to all these hot topics in the last time attracting new readers to the mentioned platform – it may be good to publish a comment about this file. but – if you also prefer […]

  10. wow. originally we wanted to proceed with our detailed stylish letter-like reply article, but see, what’s that?

    someone wants to use napalm?

    replies selection: (there are others, but… since the article itself is written like a cheap action movie storyboard scetch, let’s take a look at some replies at a similar language level, but – somehow – more spicy. don’t you think?)

    GT| 8.23.10 @ 8:24PM

    Hoo boy howdy… look at all the CRAZY. it’s like a page from FreeRepublic.


    While the jackbooted armed sociopaths of the US Death Machine slaughter Iraqis and Afghans (in order to free them, doncha know), the whipkissers drool and harden up at the thought of the ‘spooks’ (who have failed EVERY SINGLE TEST of the last half century: from the Russian bomb to the Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, North Korean, Israeli, and French… to the whole ‘Team B’ fiasco, to the Bay of Pigs and the ‘Domino Effect’).

    Y’all have been HAD. You bin TOOK. You bin PLAYED, PWNED and Bitched-up.

    Your government told you a bunch of lies, and y’all swallowed like a $10 hooker.

    And Wikileaks (and other, darker nets) have exploited the fact that 99% of your fabled ‘intel’ commnity are low-paid dimwits who are seething and disgruntled most of their lives. Professional suckers at the tax tit like this ‘Babbler’ see theirgravy train leaving for deadsville, and so they flail around trying to kill their way out of it.

    I’m enjoying the beJeebus out of this spectacle – the IMPOTENCE of the US is funny to watch.

    Everybody talking about assassination should be mocked, because the US intelligence agencies have been briefed on (and sent excerpts of) insurance.aes256 – among other things contains thousands of names of clandestine ‘sources’ for agencies of 87 countries – go ahead, Babbler and ask the DIA if it verified the file segment it was sent. If a single hair on any WL ally is harmed, the US, UK, France, Germany and six dozen other countries will have their intel assets more compromised than GWB’s cornhole during his days as a cheerleader at Andover.



    Oh – one last thing. The US Constitution doesnt’ GRANT rights, you morons. Rights simply EXIST; the Constitution provides a framework to try to prevent the US goverment from INFRINGING against them. Dullards.


    welp| 8.23.10 @ 8:25PM

    Does the author have any idea how computers actually work? Beyond the fact that “fire sale” was invented completely by Die Hard 4, and that you don’t even use the phrase correctly as it was defined by the movie, a DDOS attack on Wikileaks systems would achieve absolutely nothing. The site content is backed up on thousands of servers run by volunteers throughout the world. It would be like cutting off the Hydra’s head, only for four more to grow back.



    and :] – we love this here, somehow:

    brindo| 8.23.10 @ 8:43PM

    Interesting to see that such intellectual giants as Bruce Willis are quoted to support the conservative argument.

    I’ve got another one for you,

    “Yippee-Kay-Ay, Motherfuckers”


    a last comment we’d like to highlight is the following


    Alberto G| 8.24.10 @ 1:51PM

    An attack to the dns provider would probably disrupt a lot of other services based in the US, and since the dns provider itself is in the US it would likely be considered a property damage within US.

    A smart job. Not impossible to circumvent, but then good luck with lawyers both in the US and worldwide, Mr Babbin. Next time, think about shooting a bullet containing people to the moon. At least Jules Verne had a good reason for his naiveté. You don’t.


    more about this on: “former-bush-official-urges-attack-wikileaks
    (“Former Bush official urges attack on WikiLeaks – ‘Should be hit with cyber napalm’ – A member of former President Bush, Senior’s defence staff has called for an all-out cyber assault against whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks … Jed Babbin, who served as deputy under-secretary of defense in the administration of George H.W. Bush, the father of former president George ‘Dubya’ Bush, made the comments in a piece published yesterday on right-wing US website The American Spectator. …”)


    August 24, 2010 at 12:12 am

  11. next – serious – danger able to discredit wikileaks: the german right exterme now start to discover the topic for themselves. as if anything about wikileaks would support -their- mindset.

    no one will take this too seriously, but it might be good to find time for a clear dissociation. the pirates in germany last year also got caught in an affair for a short time (one of their people gave an interview to a person writing for an exterme right newspaper, probably without knowing this). now, one whole year later, “piraten gegen rechts” exist and the situation returned to normal but if anything in germany is able to discredit wl, than for sure this. a clear dissociation from them will be needed.

    the first german right extreme tweet found (today) was by NPD (wikilink. in spite of several attempt, they could not be forbidden yet because there are too many so-called v-leute inside, that’s why they can tweet today). if wikileaks does not react fast, this could be a bit a problem, sooner or later (e.g. official dissociation could maybe be helpful. maybe.).

    at the same time süddeutsche are tweeting about their research for article to be published soon (financial topic) – again a newspaper building a basis on WSJ (at least, that’s what they said in their own tweet, research about the WSJ article. no, not the australian, but the wall street journal). so – let’s see. if the süddeutsche forget in their article what the whole story is about (military system not being able to find a video for years. a video showing their staff being killed… (page linked here is naming sz-journalists writing about collateral murder and linking to sz articles for quite a time now) – if sz forgets about the whole story inside of this article, some readers might loose their nerves. let’s see.)

    … und da ist das teil schon. 17:15h – also mal sehen… (alright – all-clear-sign from us about this here so far. a few lines of text mentioning that the wsj did not actually reveal anything special and that they’d wish some transparency from wau holland stiftung, that’s so far all the fuzz about. they found a few words where they could link to their own blog (some own link advertisement, we understand this), then links to former articles and… that’s all. ok.

    alright so maybe we can repeat a link recommendation from above at this place and propose to take a look at this here in the mantime (with napalm against wikileaks. former bush official urges attack on wikileaks)



    …or take a look at this one here. they seriously simply go on with this. under the eyes of the world around…
    (quote of a comment: “Abduct him? Why not just assassinate him? Faster and much cheaper.” which might be a good dry cynical comment. but unfortunately, they are in fact like that… they live in their own small TV movie world – wonder when anyone of them ever saw some sun outside or children playing in a park.) – under other circumstances one could in fact react with “…gosh… poor people…” such a vacuum in the brains, such a disability for anything than interest in death deals. unfortunately, right now they seem to believe they can allow themselves anything for their own careers. one can call this hybris, when being in a good mood. or in fact brain vacuumosis, if the mood is a less good one in the moment.


    (update 25.8.) a reply article is available here. (“The U.S. Justice Department is apparently considering prosecuting Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, which is a Web site that publishes classified documents from governments, under the rarely used Espionage Act of 1917. … The Espionage Act, originally passed during World War I, was designed to prosecute spies from foreign powers. Yet Assange, who is Australian and spends most of his time in Belgium, Iceland, and Sweden, is hardly a foreign spy. While spies operate in the shadows and try to help foreign governments against the United States, Assange gets documents employees of various governments willingly give him and publishes them widely so citizens can see what their governments are up to. … The threatened prosecution may be just a bluff…. The hypocrisy comes in because the Justice Department leaked the threat of prosecuting Assange, intentions that are usually kept secret, and high-level government officials regularly leak highly classified information to further their own policy agendas during bureaucratic turf battles. However, prosecuting people who just publicize leaks threatens all journalists who regularly publish stories using leaks from government officials. …”) — (btw you might also want to take a look at john pilger’s article “why wikileaks must be protected“, published on aug 19th 2010. recommendable, so we add this link although it’s an a bit older one)


    ein weiterer schachzug ist der versuch eines teils der ‘leute mit einfluß’ (bei denen es sich bei dem am aggressivsten mit worten um sich schlagenden personal ausschließlich um personen der vergangenen präsidialen bush-administration handelt), den presseschutz (first amendment act, bestandteil der sicherung amerikanischer grundfreiheiten) als für wikileaks nicht gültig zu erklären. hier mehr dazu. link führt zum first amendment center..


    August 24, 2010 at 1:16 pm

  12. …update. am gestrigen dienstag hatte WL (spätnachts, kurz vor mitternacht), eine neue veröffentlichung für den heutigen mittwoch angekündigt. es handelt sich um ein weiteres, noch nicht veröffentlichtes ‘CIA paper’.

    Auf der plattform ist bereits im märz 2010 ein CIA-bericht erschienen, der die planung einer PR-strategie zur überzeugung der europäischen bevölkerung von der notwendigkeit der verlängerung des krieges in afghanistan vorstellt (“…The proposed PR strategies focus on pressure points that have been identified within these countries. For France it is the sympathy of the public for Afghan refugees and women. For Germany it is the fear of the consequences of defeat (drugs, more refugees, terrorism) as well as for Germany’s standing in NATO. The memo is a recipe for the targeted manipulation of public opinion in two NATO ally countries, written by the CIA”…)

    ps if you have poblems downloading and opening the CIA report published in march from the wl page directly, plz take this link, should work faster, in this case.

    (ps reuters berichtet über die neue ankündigung am: STOCKHOLM | Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:23pm IST ) (ohne link an dieser stelle, wir warten auf die durchsendung eines verlinkbaren artikels, dafür fehlt auf der noch frischen reuters-artikelseite ein detail.) (erm übrigens schickt reuters seine meldung durch den tickerchannel erst etwa eine halbe stunde nach unserer ersten mitteilung um 13h gmt+1 :] )

    2:30 p.m. gmt+1 noch immer nicht online – aus dem tickerchannel: … France24 (basis: Reuters) publishes announcement of WL special night shift for journalists wikileaks (link will be entered as soon as possible, depends on france 24 now)

    announcement at mashable (via tickerchannel-RT at 3 pm)

    … in the meantime :] while media are waiting for the CIA doc – WL reminds them there was an event on saturday. alright, fine, then, here’s the direct link. (it’s an event we originally wanted to blaumachen) (if you prefer to fast forward the ‘unusually hot and humid morning’ allusion in the introduction, you may wish to start at minute eleven. about the nato master narrative leaked to wl in 2009.) — event best to view with direct link to the file page. quotation: “This guidance document is designed to assist all those who play a part in explaining the situation in Afghanistan and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission, but especially those who deal with the media. …”

    6pm gmt+1: still no cia paper visible, instead:

    update tickerchannel CIOwirtschaft Meldung vom 25.08.2010 17:54 Uhr: Wikileaks kündigt CIA-Enthüllungen an – Fall Assange relativiert: (Grundlage: dpa)


    August 25, 2010 at 11:33 am

  13. 6:30 p.m. – still no CIA paper visible, instead something else. alright and now it’s getting really intereting. russia sends greetings to usa and sending handshake. they are absolutely happy about the docs because they only show that there must be done much more against “terrorists and drugs” (read this and compare with the document linked above) – so usa, what’s the prob? you got exactly what you wanted…


    August 25, 2010 at 4:35 pm

  14. …alright, here we are.

    the paper – anounced at aug 24th 2010 short before midnight to be published at aug 25th 2010 – was discovered by net community at 7:30 pm gmt+1

    heres the doc page

    here’s the direct link on WL

    here’s an alternative download link for the file if you have probs with downloading it from wl directly

    wn030 putzfrau: ok, während die anderen leute von wn030 jetzt mit besichtigung, analyse und gründlicher untersuchung beschäftigt sind, stehle ich mich in deren rücken an die tastatur. mein kommentar zu dem, was ich hier sehe: ein paar cia-leute haben ein “wichtiges meeting” gemacht. haben hinterher ein papier produziert um nachzuweisen, dass das treffen wichtig war, dass das eigene cia-büro deswegen weiterhin unbedingt finanziert werden muss und generell das ganze super top secret. ansonsten sieht man in dem gesamten dokument, wenn man mich mal fragt – nüscht außer, dass die usa weiterhin ihr ding drehen, hand in hand mit dem früheren conterpart (s.o., russland): terroristen sind ne wahnsinnsgefahr, hyperviel aufpassen muss man darauf und generell mehr, viel mehr polizei und datenaustausch benötigt…

    also ich find den trick mit der “ankündigung eines super wichtigen papiers”, damit sich paar medien eine veranstaltung reinziehen, die sie eigentlich ignorieren wollten, weil sich kaum ein “seminar” mit z.b. einem richtig guten fu-seminar messen lassen kann, noch als das beste an der ganzen geschichte, wenn mich einer fragt, aber mich fragt ja nie einer…

    (autsch, jetzt schaut wn030-7 her, muß abhauen, monitore staubwischen…)

    wir schmeißen das hier aus dem tickerchannel hier rein (quellenangabe: ein interview mit NBC news, von uns noch nicht überprüft, link nicht mitgesendet): U.S. official acknowledges WikiLeaks document is legitimate CIA memo, telling NBC News: ‘This is not exactly a blockbuster paper’

    nörgeleien im tickerchannel: vijaysappani @wikileaks with the Red cell Memo. Is it just 5 pages ?

    first reactions: (reaching central europe 8:10 pm gmt+1),secret-cia-document-terrorism.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter (“The three-page document examined the potential that terrorists recruited in the United States could endanger the willingness of other governments to cooperate in the war on terrorism. [wrong, please. it’s 3 p. CIA-memo, incl deck- und schlußblatt 5 pages in total, cause somehow it reached the public eye, isn’t it] …The CIA memo reveals little remarkable information. The document warns that if American citizens are recruited by al-Qaeda and strike in other countries, it could results in requests from foreign governments to provide private information on US citizens. The document goes on to say a refusal by the US government to comply could prompt other governments to lessen their cooperation in the war on terrorism.”)

    weitere frühe reaktionen im netz: (“Der soeben veröffentlichte Bericht der „Red Cell“ (Rote Zelle) der CIA vom 2. Februar 2010 behandelt die Idee, was wohl passiert, wenn die USA auf internationaler Ebene als Terror-Exportnation verstanden würden. …”) (AFP) – “WikiLeaks releases CIA analysis, no bombshell revelations – … “Foreign terrorists have recruited homegrown US extremists for attacks abroad and are likely to increase the use of this method because so far it has slipped below the radar of the governments of the US and other countries,” the memo said. The problem carried potential legal issues that could hamper Washington’s efforts to win the transfer of terror suspects to US soil, it said.”

    we liked most: 2 lines of text on :]

    vorsicht, die folgende seite ist noch nicht offiziell verifiziert. weder via google (der wohl erst in einer stunde scrawlt), noch via den normalen handelsblatt-zugang erklickbar. bis zur sichtbarwerdung des artikels auf handelsblatt bleibt nur der folgende link zur vorschau (ein paar zeilen, dpa-grundlage)

    then 9pm gmt+1 CNN (not really recommendable. still quoting gates, although the guy already promised to pack his box…) (btw cnn claims 1832 gmt – it definitely was perceived by interested net community not before 9 pm)

    auf dpa-grundlage und mit einer glaubwürdigeren zeitangabe:–/de/News/21566632 (“…Betrachtet werden mögliche Konsequenzen für den internationalen Anti-Terror-Kampf, wenn US-Bürger im Ausland Anschläge verüben sollten. Das Papier wurde von der CIA-Abteilung «Red Cell» angefertigt, die nach den Anschlägen vom 11. September entstand. Wikileaks veröffentlichte bereits mehrfach Dokumente dieser internen Expertengruppe….”) (“…Then it looks at how, if this idea of America as an “exporter of terrorism” were to become a more popular narrative, foreign governments may be less willing to cooperate with the CIA and other U.S. intelligence officials. In other words, if American citizens are joining terrorist causes in countries around the world, governments of those countries may have some questions! [quotation] Foreign regimes could request information on US citizens … [/quotation]”) (“… Wikileaks has released a classified CIA document asking what would happen if foreign countries began to view the US as an “exporter of terrorism”. The document was prepared by the CIA’s “red cell”, a unit responsible for preparing analysis papers from an adversarial perspective. … US citizens also provided “financial and material support” for armed groups in Northern Ireland: much of the funding for the Irish Republican Army, for example, came from Irish-Americans. …”)

    an online voice comment we liked:

    (careful! this is a yellowpress link. but,rendertext=13750708.html somehow managed to get some pure news lines into their newspaper. sometimes, but only sometimes, they are a bit faster than the – much more recommendable – house a few steps away from them. like the house. but longer and more detailed articles simply take a bit more time…)

    (a pure net presentation – without analysis or commentation [but with comments] – )

    — voila! :] michael moore was also waiting… here’s the link (michael’s source: msnbc, linked there)

    (then there are some translation links exchanged in the community. to be honest, we don’t support crowdsourcing – a delivery for free of those skills which usually professional people, in this case, pro translators, are delivering – , so we’ll definitely not link to them.)

    short online comment
    and a short online info

    (übrigens – liest sich fast eine stellungnahme zu der einen oder anderen netzreaktion, die lustigerweise ausgerechnet der unserer putzfrau ähneln: aus dem tickerchannel, wikileaks – kurz nach dem durchsenden von “CIA has confirmed the validity of the “Exporting Terrorism” paper.” (da gab’s eine kurzmeldung über das zitat der bestätigung seitens CIA via nbc, s.o., eine extrem frühe und schnelle CIA-bestätigung übrigens) – kurz später kam, gegen 9 uhr abends “CIA usually does not confirm, so CIA likely wants to use Red Cell leak to push for policy change in US.”)

    wn030 putzfrau: jjja, sieht ein bißchen so aus, nicht? der bericht sagt, zusammengefaßt und interpretiert: ‘man sieht, wir brauchen mehr, viel mehr polizei und noch etwas mehr national security und außerdem noch ein paar nacktscanner mehr und noch etwas mehr an finanzierung für das cia red cell top top intelligence bürochen. achso und dann brauchen wir auch etwas mehr datenabgleich. übrigens gerade journalisten. also datenbanken über journalisten, da sollten wir zukünftig auch viel viel mehr abgleichen.’

    11:10 pm gmt+1 – and that’s all for today. there will be a quick update tomorrow (newspapers with some middle-size articles) and probably on friday, too – a serious journalist does not rush if wanting to deliver reliable results, so we don’t expect first recommendable newspaper larger articles or online media analyses too soon. feel free to revisit.

    update 11:30 p.m. – almost all for today. SPIEGEL in fact managed to put something linkable online. (“… Gedankenspiele rund um Terroristen mit US-Pässen. Berlin – Das Brisanteste sind vermutlich die Zahlenfolgen, die an den linken Rand des Dokuments gedruckt sind….Die [im memo, anm. wn030] durchgespielten Reaktionen sind interessant. So halten es die Verfasser für vorstellbar, dass die betreffenden Staaten ihre Bereitwilligkeit zur Kooperation bei extrajudicial activities (“extra-legalen Aktivitäten”) herunterfahren könnten. Unter diesem Begriff werden in faszinierender Offenheit zum Beispiel “Ingewahrsamnahme, Überstellung und Verhör von Verdächtigen in Drittstaaten” genannt. Das erinnert sehr deutlich an die aus der Vergangenheit bekannte Praxis der Rendition, also der geheimen Überstellung von Terrorverdächtigen in Länder, in denen andere Regeln gelten als in den USA. Und zwar weniger restriktive. …”)

    erm übrigens, dear spiegel… “weil es nicht die Einschätzung der US-Regierung oder auch nur der CIA wiedergibt.” – siehe oben. unsere putzfrau interpretiert anders und kommt daher gerade diesbezüglich zu einer entgegengesetzten meinung. nur wie gesagt – wer fragt schon unsre putzfrau…

    bei der brisanz-bewertung allerdings treffen sich die ansicht unserer putzfrau und die von spiegel überraschend. zwischen belanglosem material und brisanteren veröffentlichungen sehen sie das red cell terrorismusexport-papier eher so “irgendwo in der mitte”.

    …dann ein (springerblatt), komischerweise auch auf msn nachrichten …

    and reuters (linked in a few seconds…) (“…The three-page CIA memo released by WikiLeaks did not appear to expose any state secrets and one U.S. official quipped it was hardly a “blockbuster.” Indeed Red Cell reports are meant to provoke thought, rather than provide an authoritative assessment. But it addressed the hypothetical and highly sensitive question about the potential impact on the United States if allies saw it as a nation whose citizens frequently operate abroad to carry out acts of terrorism. …”) reuters then quotes from the paper directly.

    final late update: another voice – this one from the blogosphere – is dated aug 25th 2010. it reached the tickerchannel a few days later (probably was overseen by us due to the rush in the first hours). the voice starts the review with “…This document is ridiculous. The CIA created al-Qaeda (1, 2, 3). Now, WikiLeaks reveals an allegedly leaked SECRET CIA document that perpetuates the boneheaded, mainstream al-Qaeda legend. The cave people are recruiting home grown American terrorists, don’tchaknow…” it links, among other links, to the guardian, an article dated 17 January 1999 (quotation: “…Despite reports that bin Laden was effectively funded by the Americans, it is impossible to gauge how much American aid he received. He was not a major figure in the Afghan war. Most American weapons, including Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, were channelled by the Pakistanis to the Hezb-i-Islami faction of the mujahideen led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Bin Laden was only loosely connected with the group, serving under another Hezb-i-Islami commander known as Engineer Machmud. However, bin Laden’s Office of Services, set up to recruit overseas for the war, received some US cash. But according to one American official, concentrating on bin Laden is a mistake. ‘The point is not the individuals,’ he said last week. ‘The point is that we created a whole cadre of trained and motivated people who turned against us. It’s a classic Frankenstein’s monster situation.'”) and hints at some forgotten facts in the red cell memo: “Does CIA’s “Red Cell” know about OPERATION CYCLONE? Curiously, that, uh, unfortunate business isn’t mentioned in the big leak below. The document states, “This report examines the implications of what it would mean for the US to be seen increasingly as an incubator and ‘exporter of terrorism.’” However, it doesn’t go on to mention the U.S. state sponsored terrorist activities of the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG) …”

    no, ok, maybe a last online voice: (“…These are just two examples of the unrestrained and counter productive use of power exported by successive US administrations. It’s no accident that this information is kept from US citizens. Sufficiently informed, the vast majority would find these programs offensive and counterproductive. But it’s no secret to the rest of the world. The concerns expressed in the Red Cell Memorandum are moot. It’s too late. The word is out.”) – wn030: well, ok, but too late to whom? as you said, many informations are more common sense in other parts of the world, in the US media love to stick to “hot topics” instead, it helps the unvisibility of the visible. “Sufficiently informed, the vast majority would find these programs offensive and counterproductive” and as you mentioned, too, they hardly can be called “sufficiently informed”. so – really “too late”?

    ebenfalls skeptisch in bezug auf die brisanz [wn030: unsere putzfrau war auch am meisten vom uhrzeittiming und der reihenfolge von vor- und nachtweets begeistert :] ist der folgende beitrag – verlinkt zum entführungsfall eines ägyptischen staatsangehörigen und der verurteilung von 22 CIA agenten (22 von insgesamt 23 us-amerikanischen staatsangehörigen) durch einen italienischen richter. hier ist der (auf der blogseite über 2 weiterführende links erreichbare) beitrag von BBC news dazu


    August 25, 2010 at 5:37 pm

  15. …die weiter oben erwähnte Veranstaltung – im Rahmen des ‘Forums’ des schwedischen öffentlichen Senders SVT – ist jetzt auch auf Youtube zu finden (als Datum der Veranstaltung wird sowohl im Youtube-Eintrag als auch auf der Seite von svt der 25.8.2010 angegeben). Für die konzentrierte Rezeption ist die Youtube-Version praktischer, da sie durch die niedrigeren Ladezeiten für so manchen Computer mit Sicherheit störungsfreier empfangen wird. Wir setzen die einzelnen Teile hier rein. Auf eine Vorstellung der 2009 durchgesickerten (bzw. bei WL eingesickerten) Nato-Richtlinie folgt eine detaillierte Präsentation der War Diaries und ihrer Visualisierungen. Empfehlenswert.

    Um die Frage zu klären, warum Schweden Pressekonferenzen als “Seminare” bezeichnen oder warum andere vorziehen, “Seminare” zu “Pressekonferenzen” zu korrigieren, wenden Sie sich bitte an den genannten öffentlichen Sender oder an den Account-Inhaber auf Youtube.

    Teil 1:


    August 26, 2010 at 9:46 am

  16. Teil 2

    (Mit einem Zoom auf die Webadresse und etwas Tippgefühl können Sie das hier besprochene Dokument auch selbst finden. die B’s sind an einigen Stellen von 8 und ß nicht zu unterscheiden, aber mit etwas Herumprobieren bekommen Sie die Adresse nach einigen Anläufen auch selbst heraus). Unsere Sekretärin war jedoch so nett und hat uns die Arbeit abgenommen. Nach etwa 20 Anläufen saß der Webadressencode und hier ist die Seite, die Sie zu diesem zweiten Teil öffnen sollten (klicken Sie hierfür am besten auf “in neuem Tab öffnen”, dann können Sie während der Präsentation das besprochene Dokument auf gegenprüfen.


    August 26, 2010 at 11:24 am

  17. …klasse finden wir übrigens die neue PUNK-streifenhörnchen-Frisur :] – aber gut, zurück zum ernst der lage und hier ist

    Teil 3


    August 26, 2010 at 11:25 am

  18. Teil 4


    August 26, 2010 at 11:26 am

  19. Teil 5


    August 26, 2010 at 11:27 am

  20. weitere updates hier.

    (weil nach dem interview mit spiegel online international, dass am 26.7.(! 26.7.! uralt! noch vor der von gates angeschubsten riesenmedienwelle, NICHT klicken!) veröffentlicht wurde, hier für weitere updates vorerst kein platz ist) (“SPIEGEL: Do you think that the publication of this data will influence political decision-makers? – Assange: Yes. This material shines light on the everyday brutality and squalor of war. The archive will change public opinion and it will change the opinion of people in positions of political and diplomatic influence. – SPIEGEL: Aren’t you expecting a little too much? – Assange: There is a mood to end the war in Afghanistan. This information won’t do it alone, but it will shift political will in a significant manner.)

    wn030-21 (die putzfrau): na bitte, geht doch. selbst der hat manchmal lichte momente. zumindest sieht man darin keine unausgegorenen realosprüche und ahnungslose, versehentliche armeenwerbung. was muss man machen, um so ein interview mit dem hinzubekommen, spiegel – fünf kannen kaffee zum talk mitbringen?

    wn030-7: kann sich allerdings immer noch sehen lassen, das alte interview, stimm ich zu. aber was ich mir gerade denke… wir haben da noch ein päckchen luftballons, ob wir die wikileaks mal spenden sollen? diese wahnsinnig interessante kondomdebatte, die derzeit das netz (zumindest den einen teil des weiblichen anteils) beschäftigt, überfährt derzeit nämlich wirklich ein paar themen…

    wn030-5: in fact. nice interview. almost as interesting as this here… this here is at least a recent one. a recent talk. with people. about wikileaks. i think, honestly, i prefer this one, a recent talk with people about wikileaks and media perception instead of a really old and dusty spiegel-interview. as mentioned, the SPIEGEL-interview linked above still sounded somehow as having a rest of brain power used. there was one in the last days which made the lights go out in our office for like two minutes when we coincidentally clicked on it. we prefer normal working environments…


    August 27, 2010 at 12:23 am

  21. …alright maybe a (this time really last) update re red cell memo release mentioned above.

    Chomsky seems – as you can see in the recordning here – much more overwhelmed of the news in the red cell memo than our cleaning power. Our cleaning power (wn030-21) answers to this: “well, see. For me Chomsky being overwhelmed is – in turn – not a huge surprise, too. Chomsky is a (really interesting, btw.) Linguistics Scientist. He’s perfect in this. And yes – definitely a person also interested in politics. But when you have lots of (interesting!) linguistics texts to read and write… is anybody later really surprised by Chomsky being surprised by red cell memo? C’mon…”


    August 29, 2010 at 11:50 am

  22. […] consensual mature sex  in sweden – while child pornography in the pentagon…) – just die expressen hatte sich damals als angelpunkt angeboten. wäre nicht schlecht, hier weitere – gründlich recherchierende – journalisten in […]

  23. link update: re critisism on exclusive media partnerships versus free and immediate equal access to information. (in German language: Beschwerde bei Presserat gegen Exlussivzugriff des SPIEGEL auf das WL-Material, in diesem Fall Depeschen). scroll down a few centimeters after the click. short comment links directly both to the taz article about it and to the original blog post of the journalist who filed the complaint.


    December 31, 2010 at 7:26 pm

  24. hi dear subscriber und hallo lieber abonnent. derzeit-generalupdate zum thema ist hier verlinkt und zusammenfgefasst – “märz presserat” und “anfang januar” (nach dem klick den themenlinks folgen)


    January 7, 2011 at 9:59 am


    “… But what’s been really troubling is how quiet the press has mainly been about the treatment of Bradley Manning, which is so severe that many people consider it to qualify as torture. Even the UN is now investigating whether the treatment qualifies as torture. …”


    January 11, 2011 at 7:27 pm

  26. Dear Pentagon idiots: You obviously haven’t read MLK’s speech against the Vietnam War. You should. (via student activism)


    January 14, 2011 at 8:37 pm

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