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Egypt: Protests on January 25th, 2011 (with updates Jan26th)

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— follow-up-update january 26th — click here. — and our page for january 26th is now available here


[wn030 jan 25th] newsflash. Just as we are following the news about protests breaking out in Egypt with tens of thousands people on the streets, we get several confirmations about Twitter being blocked, according to recent tweets not the only web service blocked assumingly by the Egyptian government. Online news services are said to be among the blocked web pages, too.

The protesters are concerned about this reportedly large number of people on the streets getting no attention by news agencies and broadcasts yet. The only larger station so far that started reporting is Al Jazeera.

In order to jump in into this gap, until the larger stations start reporting, here is our sample of recommended links in order to follow the Egyptian protests: (A page where you can Post Arabic tweets, links, updates on #jan25 protests in Egypt for translation into English) — live update ahram.orgProtesters take over Tahrir Sq (incl pic: Mubarak poster taken down) — Re Blocking twitter: Egyptian authorities block twitter as protests in Cairo increase ( — PressTV: Protesters clash with police in Cairo — Egyptians reclaim the streets demanding to be rid of MubarakFrench report re blocking twitter and Egyptian online cenzorship — TechCrunch: Twitter is blocked in Egypt amidst rising protestsonline.wsj: Thousands in Egypt join antigovernment protest — postet um 18:42 trotz Twitterblockade der ägyptischen Regierung überraschenderweise mit dem Titel “Twitter-Revolution in Ägypten?” – adnkronos: Egypt – President’s son and family ‘have fled to the UK’ – Water cannons greet Egyptian protesters – Egyptians denounce President hosni Mubarak, clash with riot police – The Agenda – behind the Hedalines: Egypt on the verge? (recommended link,with 4 embedded videos)

youtube: Young man stops water cannon truck — (same video, a bit longer: 2nd youtube link) – youtube: protesters chase riot police away – youtube: Kairo, Tahrir square evening, night

Timour Chafiks tweet sample from today via storify (recommended sample)

Recommended photo album where the account owner collects pictures from the protests:

Recommendeed link for anyone in egypt who cannot access twitter due to the blockade:

“Access Twitter through proxy server: #Jan25

2nd bypass hint: use for Twitter in Egypt

3rd hint: A usefull way to bypass firewalls, regulated services and websites:

hint nr 4: How to log in into blocked Twitter in Egypt

collection of tips to bypass: #jan25 blogspot

update: and a new bypass solution, using Dabr pass, finished on jan26

Another tip for foreigners in Egypt to circumvent the blockade: “if you have a account you can tweet from your status. no need to use twitter directly” (hint sent via twitter) (we’re waiting for a confirmation whether this indeed works, whether these status updates are indeed reaching twitter. if it really works, for foreigners being in Egypt and needing a quick bypass, this may a solution Egyptian protesters will however have to be careful which data to enter into their profiles if wanting to use this bypass.) – update feb26th: we have an update now regarding this. no, when twitter blocked, it will be hardly possible to circumvent via linkedin.



tear gas in egypt thrown on jan 25th

tear gas in egypt thrown on jan 25th


update. 5pm gmt+1 news agencies and larger media networks start reporting

CNN: Thousands protest in incl. Reuters video — guardian was and is frequently updating on this page — AP: Thousands of anti-government protesters, largerst protests – largest demonstrations in yearsBBC News: Cairo Protest: Police use tear gas on “day of revolt” — Germany:  SPIEGEL – Massendemonstration gegen MubarakLos angeles Times: Egypt – Thousands of Egyptian protesters clash with police(critisized by readers via twitter for lowering the number of protesters. Probably counted in a part of the protest places only.) — Focus (Germany): “Bei einer Demonstration gegen die ägyptische Regierung ist es in Kairo zu schweren Ausschreitungen gekommen…” (Germany): Ägyptens Polizei setzt Tränengas gegen Demonstranten einReuters Africa (from Washington): US urges restraint, Hillary Clinton believes the government of Presiden Mubarak is stableBBC News: ‘Of course I am inspired by Tunisia – Egypt activist – Reuters.US: Thousands of Egyptians demanded an end to Mubarak’s 30-year rule guardian: Photo gallery “Anti-government protests in Egypt”Al Jazeera photo album: In pictures – Day of angerReuters.US: Teargas, water cannons disperse Egypt protestsBBC News: Egypt protest: Three reported dead in “day of revolt” BBC reports 2 killed protesters (sources: doctors in Suez) and one dead policeman (source for this: state TV) — Three Egyptian died in anti-government protests (  — Egyptians denounce Mubarak, 3 killed ( — Tagesschau (German TV): Drei Tote bei Massenprotesten gegen Mubarak — ulz/Reuters/dpa/AFP/SPIEGEL: Tote bei Protesten gegen Mubarak


Update 5:30 gmt+1. Police reportedly starts firing rubber bullets in Alexandra, not just tear gas here: “RebeccaAHopkins -Twitter, much mobile access down in Egypt. Rubber bullets reportedly fired on protesters in Alexandria. #Jan25 #Egypt” – Alshaheeed “Police in Alexandria Egypt open fire on protesters. Live ammunition. Our correspondant has been hit with a bullet in his head. #Jan25 #Egypt“, which was corrected shortly later as hit with rubber bullets: Alshaheeed “Correction..Bullets fired in Alexandria are actually rubber bullets. Our correspondant was hit with rubber bullet not live bullet. #Jan25 ” – 7:30pm: bencnn reports: “6 troop carriers deployed next to #Egypt TV building in Maspiro, more police on the way. #jan25

Re size of protests – twitter estimates. @elmasry counts in #Egypt protests: 30k in Alexandria, 50k in Cairo, 6k in Mansora, more in Aswan, Qina,A rish, Mahala. No media coverage! #Jan25 (wn030: this would sum up to probably around 100.000 people in total)

7pm gmt+1 kurze zusammenfassung von twitter-nachrichten der letzten halben stunde: Via twitter werden ansässige in Kairo dazu aufgerufen, ihre wlan-anschlüsse freizugeben, es wird um warme decken gebeten und berichtet, restaurants und imbißbuden würden derzeit essen umsonst an die protestierenden verteilen. Es wird berichtet, einzelne polizisten hätten ihre uniformen ausgezogen uns sich den protestierenden angeschlossen, diese letztgenannten berichte gelten jedoch noch immer als unbestätigt. (Update dazu: Bestätigung jetzt da. Spiegel berichtet im Beitrag “Tote bei Protesten gegen Mubarak”, dass Reuters Videoaufnahmen zumindest eines solchen Falls hat)

8:50 gmt+1 – mehrere tweets melden einen getöteten, etwa 100 verletzte. quelle ist eine ägyptische zeitung. der getroffene wurde nach bisherigen informationen arabischsprechender leser durch herzschuss getötet. 9pm: in tweets wird ein name mitgeteilt. – die zeitung AlMasryAlYoum_A antwortet auf unsere nachfrage, der artikel dazu soll  nach ihrer auskunft am  folgetag erscheinen. – Es scheint einen weiteren Todesfall zu geben, Iranian Press TV berichtet nach auskunft von PoliticallyBrit von 2 getöteten. – name des ersten getöteten laut bereits mehreren tweets: Mustafa Reda Mahmoud Abdelfattah, in Suez. —

9:40pm gmt+1 – BBC News: Egypt protest: Three reported dead in “day of revolt” (link [BBC has another time zone time] now added to  paragraph with links to larger media networks above) – BBC reports 2 killed protesters (sources: doctors in Suez) and one dead policeman (source for this: state TV)

10:40pm gmt+1: weddady writes: “TRUSTED SOURCE @Zeinobia: Curfew imposed in Suez following report of 2nd death #Jan25″phijazin (Dubai television reporter) 0 gmt+1: “the sounds i heard from the live stream are tear gas. maybe a couple of rubber bullets, they have a sharper firing sound” – jan 26th, 0:40am gmt+1: bencnn (Ben Wedemann, a CNN reporter) writes: “Cairo echoing with blasts, ambulance sirens. Tear gas wafting down corniche toward tv bldg. panicked drivers going wrong way.” and 3  minutes later: “Madness in #Cairo. Restraint thrown to the wind. Complete crackdown on all protesters. Blasts from multiple directions.” – “Police rounding up beating protesters on corniche near 6 October bridge…burning tires blocking the road.”



night jan25 to 26 in egypt

night jan25 to 26 in egypt - click on the pic link and see min 0:50 ff.



meanwhile: first reactions to the Egyptian government’s blockade of twitter and media pages are getting visible online. Click here for a nice snapshot (flickr, “Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt is unavailable”). – NDP (ruling party in Egypt) unavailableMinistry of Interior in Egypt unavailable

a link is too much effort now? – don’t worry, we have a small copy:




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January 25, 2011 at 3:26 pm

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  1. updates jan 26th:
    twitter unaccessible in egypt amid unrest, “…A spokeswoman said …: “We can’t confirm that these reports are a result of intentional blocking, and Vodafone Egypt denies that they have blocked it,” she said. “From what we’ve heard from contacts on the ground, Egyptians are still utilizing the Twitter service via SMS and third-party apps.”


    now online: – After Day of Protests, Egypt Bans Demonstrations

    AFP: – Ägyptisches Innenministerium verbietet weitere Proteste – Neue Massenproteste in Ägypten erwartet

    coverage incl pictures from the wounded camerman’s cam:


    January 25, 2011 at 11:52 pm

  2. adamakary jan 26th, 1pm gmt+1
    “Just to clarify to everyone about our cameraman, 2 rubber bullets in r.arm 4 in left, 1 on forehead 4 in stomach. He’s doing great”

    1pm gmt+1 jrug (foreign affairs correspondent, Channel 4 news)
    Leading activist says at least 7 civilians died in Suez demos yesterday – disputes govt figure of 3. #Jan25

    nirjhor_bd jan 26th 1pm gmt+1
    “They are arresting even wounded from hospitals!”

    2:10pm gmt+1 jrug (Channel 4 news)
    “Protest at Journalist and Lawyer clubs contained by riot police – they can’t march”

    1pm gmt+1 hebalsherif: Fourth Egyptian dies of injuries after jan25 protests: reuters

    and at least two sources report now (3pm gmt+1) about facebook being blocked in Egypt. followed by reports about blocked blog pages and blockt ustream. at 5pm gmt+1 we hear, youtube is being blocked too, now. since noon, we are reporting via link below, plz click for a follow-up.

    regarding the abovelinked media report (adnkronos) about Mubaraks son and other family members fleeing from Egypt, EANewsFeed informs at 5:20pm gmt+1 as follows: “Egypt LiveBlog: Officials deny President Mubarak son Gamal & family fled to London

    wn030: we are updating now on:


    January 26, 2011 at 1:19 pm

  3. teeater

    January 26, 2011 at 8:17 pm

  4. […] Egypt: Ongoing protests in Cairo and Suez, killed protesters reported. Jan26 2011, a follow-up to our coverage yesterday. […]

  5. no, we have a confirmation now, due to a coincidence it’s clear that if you cannot reach twitter directly, you can quite probably forget to tweet via linkedin.

    see here: sampling of user experiences/ bugs and error reports, collected and sampled for the text “SMOOTH CURTAINS”. we link directly to the part with the linkedin circumvention trial.


    February 26, 2011 at 3:34 pm

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