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[title updated] Let’s Talk About Right-Wing Populism and Nazi Pages (directly connected to Wikileaks)

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[wn030-7, wn030-5, wn030-21, apk] [15.12. updating – the discussion below this text is going on, please click to the comments for details about reactions to this topic. we demand – in light of this issue – especially in light of the starting political candidacy campaign – a clear and clearly worded dissociation from nazis, a dissociation that can not be “read wrong” or “being interpreted wrong” or being “said differently” afterwards.] – UPDATED: well – this turns out, a couple of days later, to be more a kind of a research documenting page than a text you still really can read like you’re used to, meaning there are parts of the original text, then some updates in the middle of the original paragraph since the written sentences needed correction where they were written – it’s a total chaos now, but if you’re used to chaos, maybe you still will be able to deal with it. if not, please scroll directly to the discussion below this page. it’s a bit more sorted.  — update January 5, 2013 – so far, the issues we’ve been hinted at have proven to be correct. we are talking about now in total 10 tweets sent by the official wikileaks account with links to a right wing populistic newspaper (Fria Tider) plus the repost of a nazi text by rixstep (being a supporter officially pushed via tweets by the official wikileaks account) plus a link placed to the nazi repost on the support page justice4 (no less official since also regularly linked via tweets by the official wl twitter account and being a support page linked directly via – (in addition to rixstep tweets with direct links to the nazi page info 14 dot com)   – please scroll down to the screenshots.




The content updated end of December starts when you scroll down – with the sentence “The mentioned page reports: a) …” – as for the informations available the issue is serious, we are working on getting more details, for now however we can refer to the paragraph starting with “The mentioned page reports: a) …” (scroll down for that please.)


We have thought about many ways how to start this article. One of the ideas we had was to name it an “official dissociation” (from wikileaks, so that our readers can still read older contents on our page that deal with wl material or wl as topics). But then we were thinking – how to do that? How can you officially dissociate from a platform that is named as source of some articles on this page. How to do that?

We came to the conclusion this will be not possible.

An official dissociation from Wikileaks, whose twitter account happened to tweet tweets by a supporter reposting nazi contents  – in addition to tweeting direct links to a right wing extremist paper to more than 1,6 followers – this official dissociation – our official dissociation from wikileaks – would be possible only with deleting all and every single content on this page that deals with them. Down to every single letter of every single word.

Surely – technically, everything is possible. Let’s not talk about the number of pages, words, characters that would have to vanish again – if this would be our course of way, there would be no way out. Unfortunately, our texts are shouting at us that they do not feel like ready to die right tonight. They are not in the mood for Kamikaze or any other kind of funeral.

So – what to do now?

Read on. Maybe togther, while we write and you read, we will find a way out.


What happened.

A page that you can google using the title as the search phrase (“Rixstep And The Nazi Website”) has published a post about tweets sent by user Rixstep with the link to a Nazi webpage (info 14 dot com). The page informs that the official Wikileaks account has regularly retweeted Rixstep tweets and has even followed them for a period of time. In addition, Rixstep hosts the repost of a Nazi text that is furthermore used as a “resource” by another official supporter (justice4assange). In addition, the official Wikileaks account has repeatedly tweeted links to articles useful for Assange – links in a right wing extremist newspaper (“Fria Tider”).  


This is the moment when you say “I don’t f*cking care for anything any more. Wikileaks wants to commit social and intellectual suicide – their fault, their case, we will not help them to find a way out, all we can do is to think about our own page – how to try to explain and to ask our own readers to chill out (which will be not an easy thing to do).


We also were discussing how to describe followers who think they can spam our account with trolling while we were working on this topic. Wake up reader – we are talking about tweets by an account who introduced himself as a person associating with nazis (see the discussion below this text for reasons, why exactly we say that) – to one dot six mio follower accounts – there are points when you expect even the dumbest monkey on a palm who just got hit by a coconut to finally shut the f*ck up and come to grips.  Obviously however, there -are- twitter users (not masses, but some obviously) who do not even get this barrier. If a supporter seriously thinks the person with access to the official account with the responsibility of 1,6 mio is not even able to check such absolute basics before tweeting or retweeting then applause – must be an extremely capale type of person with access.


The story however does not end with the moment of the retweeted tweets. The story would be not even here, there would be no text you read right now if the issue would have been corrected in time. A rixstep tweet with the direct link to the nazi site info 14 dot com was reported on said page – and the tweet was simply left there. Just like the official WL tweets to “Fria Tider”.

Now let’s think a moment what that actually means.

Will WL try to explain us that they have not a single person with a head on their shoulders among their followers? 1,6 mio monkeys? C’mon, what kind of followers are these then? Out of 1,6 mio no one shouted out? To be onest – we don’t only not believe that, we cared to clarify that. Our first attempt was to tweet supporters directly. Out of around 5 supporters asked today, one was able to reply immediately and clarified their position. So – we have one proven follower who immediately responded and clarified their dissociation from neonazis – one out of 5. Maybe we just had luck but among 1,6 mio not a single person shouting out, throwing a shoe or giving a hint in what ever way the person choses best – we do not buy that. Our second attempt was to look at the “Fria Tider”-Tweets sent by the official Wikileaks account and critical  voices are visible. 


The report about the Rixstep tweet to info 14 dot com that was not deleted – and whose retweet was not undone – was posted on a page that is, since being the public enemy of many supporters, spotted without any smallest doubt very soon after being posted in October 2012 – not only that, we even got the confirmation that there were discussions about said topic already.


Ah? Interesting. There were “discussions” about said topic.

Listen, we here, we can tell you one thing. We are not interested in “discussions” about tweets with links to neonazi pages – all we do care for is to stop the time how long they need to be deleted. All we want to report about is that they were deleted within 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes  (poor but still acceptable).


This is all we want to know. Instead we are told about “discussions” about tweets that obviously still were discussed while said tweet was still in the tweetfeed and in the timelines of one dot six mio people.


No way man, we are not dumbheaded enough to shut up about this. It’s not on us to post a public dissociation regarding this tweet, the page that was linked, to finally stand up and clarify what part of the political landscape you do not collaborate with. London – is just one of many capitals here with a long serious history. And we personally have absolutely clear reasons why are sure. We are simply sure that other capitals will not shut up about that, too. These capitals still remember the sounds of the sirenes. And they are still missing people. More, a couple of times more than the number of followers in that account. The people who miss them don’t look away, play dumb or forget history when they hear the word “gas chamber”.


But there are no quick final words on such an incredible fail. This next paragraph, we thought, should finally contain the hint at a noticeable farce, revealed by this issue. While the person in charge with the review of Cypherpunks is in the middle of talks about facebook and its function in the modern surveilled word – exact same company whose role in importing american “values” into european heads were revealed when German journalists took Gawker’s hint at the odesk/facebook manual – the company with the “values” of American “civilization” trying to make people believe that neonazi contents are something the people “have to live with and get used to because being normal…” – same exact “value” found its way into the twitterfeed of the co-author who was just taking part in a theoretical debate about facebook’s role as the “voluntary Stasi”.

If you do not call that a farce,

we have no idea wha a farce then is for you.

(There are some supporters who seem not to have understood how this relates to “Cypherpunks” – we have explained in in a comment.)


And just in case you’re wondering: No. Even if this w.o.u.l.d. have been “critical” tweets – for a case like this – a simple tweet without a dissociation to 1,6 mio would not be tolerable. However: This was not the case. These were  pro-Assange texts, useful for him. WL however seems to think this is something you can do with what they call in German “aussitzen”. – Well, we assume this will be not that easy.

And then, there is a 2nd issue: How do you want to collect donations then, from whom? Without a public dissotiation? You think the people will want to donate to an organization that did not post a clarification what part of the political landscape they do not collaborate with, that they neither endorse or wish to be endorsed by them? Since WL seems to welcome right wing extemists among their supporters, all we have to reply to this is: without a public dissociation these could be one day, the last “supporterts” then. Good luck with that.


The mentioned page reports: a) an official support site (justice4assange) links to a nazi page, describing it as criminal, but not naming them as nazis. b) rixstep tweeted said link to the nazi page (info14 dot com) – c) wikileaks allegedly retweeted rixstep tweets a couple of times, even followed rixstep for a time (we cannot confirm that, we did not see that live: in warlogs time and beginning of cablegate, they were following no one, now they follow two. We cannot exclude that the claim they followed rixstep for a period of time is true. However, as for us, we did not see that live, so we also cannot confirm that. But this is what the page says. Then:  d) rixstep confirmed that he tweeted a link to a nazi page that attacked a person being critical regarding Assange – a content interesting, obviously, for rixstep and wikileaks regardless of where that kind of “support” comes from. e) rixstep confirmed also that he tweeted the link without checking the site and without knowing what kind of page this is (to be honest, this is… he tweets in english, he should know the typical nazi codes in the hemisphere of his language – not to mention that … if you do not know the page, then – I mean this is what we can confirm for sure – it is not actually rocket science to use a search machine and get that infomation quickly). Anyway – he said he did not know, confirmed that he did not check – and – said in exactly same sentence that he does not care. f) wikileaks – if they followed rixstep fo a while, at least unfollowed him in the meantime, but g) the link to a nazi page is still there on the page, rixstep did not delete his tweet, h) assange wants to run for the senate -and- they want to be successful with the next donation campaign now after the new channel for this is there – and g) there is no dissociation from nazis – in spite of all the mentioned facts: this clearly looks like a collaboration. you do not post an official disclaimer only if you expect something from them (dollars, supporters) – the only way to clarify that this is not the case is a public official dissociation and correction of said contents on that justice4assange page. as long as the dissociation is not there, we see a person who is accepting nazi support and nazi money – and – so – this is also a person who you cannot know whom he will collaborate with politically when elected. so, asking again: on what place on earth do you think you can start a political campaign without a public official dissociation from nazis? on what place on earth do you think a donation campaign without a dissociation from nazis has chances to be successful? for how long?

there is enough shit out there. enough. the time it took until they finally published the dissociation from that holocaust denier. there is a very strange quote quoted in a newspaper, being another one of quoted that were “not said”. “not this way”. well… —- well… — then we have an account tweeting links to nazi sites that wl – according to the page – even followed for a while and retweeted. well…….

and we have after all that no public official dissociation from a person who is preparing to run for the senate. plus wants to collect money without that dissociation.

enough. kein fußbreit, before the public dissociation is there.


regarding WL following rixstep – well, we have to do a broader research here. we’ll search for people who saw that, WL must have followed 29 accounts for a period of time. which would be definitely at least a tiny bit surprising. what was that, a meeting? 29 people, according to the screenshot. at least, according to the part of it. for now, what we have is this – this is a cut out from a page with screenshots. linked by the page that reports about that exact case. aside of the screenshot being there to prove that wl followed rixstep there are screenshots of rixstep texts (it is not even only a nazi, it is clearly an absolutely brainless sexist… no, sexist is not enough. sexists typically post jokes about women driving a car and causing crashes while parking in – this is …. a bit more than just a sexist. the page shows a quote – from rixstep: “and the acknowledged best way to keep women oppressed is to rape the shit out of them“. (yes, this is an original rixstep quote – according to the screenshot we see. they must have totally lost their minds there). [update: a commentator links to a page that links to a larger screenshot of said text. the screenshot on the watch-page is long enough to see a distinct hate against feminism, now there is a larger screenshot – take a look, reader, make up your mind. we call that larger text part a text part that can be used for a debate in opposite to the screenshot visible on the watch-page] – and rixstep definitely should hurry up and do some work on his education fails. you really have neither history of feminist movements in school or uni? no gender studies in the library where rixstep lives? poor guy – well, this quote part is so far halfway solved for now, now let’s come to the repeating of the question what these links were doing in the tweets, what the reposted story was supposed to be about, the linnk to it on justice4 and why exactly you thought you can “explain” a link to a nazi page as a link that just can stay there, stay, kept online – tweet not deleted just because a text seems useful. [IDIOT!!!] [SORRY RIXSTEP I CANNOT HOLD IT FULL TOTAL IDIOT DO YOU REALLY STILL THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?! SINCE IF NOT YOU BETTER SPEAK THAT OUT LOUDLY TO THE WORLD!!] (just like WL, btw.) – so – where is the dissociation, finally?


this is quite an issue. assanganista, rixstep and actually every single retweet of that tweet. however – diverse people are interested in the topic, see the issues, want to help… people are people – for someone who does not expect that and does not know that it -is- necessary to check a tweet throughly before retweeting, for this person it’s a hint how necessary it is to learn that this is part of every single account’s responsibility. However, the cases that cause and will further cause issues, are the accounts rixstep and WL – these are not just supporter accounts with own responsibility for own tweets, retweets and correction of them – WL is WL, according to the news, and rixstep tweeted the link, WL is pushing rixstep further until today – that’s just simply it. In front of the eyes of the public. Including the public that is supposed to vote. These 2 accounts have to post their dissociation. Since the issue simply will not vanish. Like written in one of the paragraphs below – life’s life. Things happen, incidents happen, mistakes are made. Insidents need to be dealt with and a “mistake” (it’s a bit more than just a small error) needs a correction.  and this is just one of the issues – then the question can pop up what the story with reposting articles, “where ever they come from”, actually was about. something happened there, something went totally wrong. public needs to know what. why. and how and when WL plans to finally correct that.


this IS and STAYS an issue simply because of 2 simple facts: firstly, there is a page (assanganista’s blogpage – it’s linked on that page that fusako lniked in the comments – the person with the serious eye problem there, the one who needs glasses, you’ll find it – from there, assanganista’s page is linked) so, on this page, assanganista is claiming that actually ‘no one is surprised about a right wing person attacking a  leftists’. is that so. according to the information available, rixstep confirmed that he did not know what kind of page this was when confronted with the fact after tweeting. secondly, if he -now- wants to claim that, then simply rixstep: MAKE YOUR ACCOUNT PRIVATE. you want to “just discuss”, “just hint at” nazi pages without even knowing what kind of pages these are? “just hint at” when this seems – according to the given information – be an article critical about an assange-critic? this is “just discussing” it, yes? then even reposting that stuff, still – so far, only according to the information given, but so far, we are waiting for the proof that this was not the case. that there was no repost. that there was no link to it on justice4. all while withholding the actual information what political part of the landscape the article was from. you want to “just discuss” that? then make your acc private and be responsible for the people you accept there. otherwise learn that you are not alone there on twitter and if you want to hint at a fact like this then write that Nazi so-and-so complains about leftist so-and-so at a Nazi page. So far about rixstep “news”. if somebody mentions you and seriously asks for those news details it’s enough to give either the googlesearch link or a quote of the sentence to let the people google. if that material is seriously so interesting. and don’t be surprised when the people then ask why exactly.

since you retweeted it in public, you are responsible for the missing dissociation from your part. just as WL was and is reponsible for the missing dissociation on their part, necessary due to pushing rixsteplinks until today.

REPOSTING stuff from their side, however. LINKING to it from “support” pages. USING that stuff without even NAMING what bullshit you link to is just – another part of an obviously quite miserable story. and sorry, you there JA, hints at plans of the US gov to find exactly such issues is just siply USELESS. since exactly then you should know how urgently such cases should be addressed when spotted and how urgently a correction of what happened should be done. of course – the other way is to hope that no one cares. this could be an empty hope, however. and this here – berlin – might be just simply not the only city with a house where they definitely take that seriously. just like people who vote.

what stuff this exactly was – how deep down that went this time – will have to be worked on in the coming days.




honestly. heavens. if they still claim they have or had anything to do with #jan25 in egypt, they have no idea how this claim can turn against them. remember egypt and the rape cases there. egypt started with a case of self-immolation. sadly, this case was what started the protest movement. and there were people tweeting in realtime, from there – from cairo – people saying that they did not need a wikileaks to tell them what to think of mubarak, there were people protesting against this claim. surely they were involved in that time also: appelbaum was seen helping via twitter with informations in the blackout phase, but claiming they -started- it might be simply too much. people tweeted in realtime from egypt that they did not need them to tell them what to think and what to do. anyway – if they still claim that – in order to really simply install a wikileaks mythos regarding starting it – or for what ever other reason – this could, in light of the rixstep quote above turn against them more havily than they probably think now. (disclaimer – have not seen how many protesters from egypt clicked cables regarding mubarak/egypt/cairo – in exactly that time, or, to be more clear – in the time applicable for a possible higher impact, so: before #jan25 – not informed about the click rates from egypt locations to exactly these documents in the applicable time frame before the protests started also in egypt, so can neither confirm nor deny a higher influence – however, these voices were visible on twitter in that time.)




update. our twitter account was just attacked by a person who claims to be a journalist and used a “#88″*** hashtag in one of her/his tweets. we have no idea for what kind of provocation of stupidity this hashtag code was written – we just note that. the person was asked, clearly, twice. to explain what this was doing in the tweet. no answer. the attack however was a complaint about the missing source. the person claimed that “they” spent “8 hours” on research. (who ever “they” are, she did not reply to that) – we have explained that we do not agree with said page’s relativation of the legal case. we disagree with other contents there and this is why we did not want to post a direct link. however – a person is right now complaining that the link is missing. so here it is. (update: was. currently, there are very strange comments on that page with many accusations, claiming that assange is a  “criminal” (see our reply to that), claiming details about the youth phase that seem not really fit to the facts known to the public so far and lots of other stuff.  so – the link will now vanish as long as replies are not getting visible there. for now, you can find that post when searching with the search phrase mentioned in our reply comment entry.) however – our topic here are the tweeted links – see screenshot below – and the mising dissociation from nazis written by WL which is absolutely necessary full stop. people want to know what is going on and a fear of a dissociation, avoiding it, makes them wonder – and – people who want to vote want to know that too.  (repeating: re legal case, we still recommend to check out this video. a european warrant regarding a case like this – in this exact circumstance, in light of cablegate rolling… sorry, no. in light of the fact that a questioning in UK is not that complicated for Sweden to accept – … and in light of the fact that we first want to see a set. a set of europeanwide warrants for comparable cases. a set of them and they have to be older than the assange warrant before we believe that. so: for all those reasons, we repeat we do not endorse many contents there, we do not agree with many of the contents there and regarding the legal case we recommend this video instead. but there was a complaint about the link, that it was missing – so you have it.) – The person claimed that without the link to the page that mentioned this issue the text – our page here – would be “fascist” on our side. Which would be interesting since this would mean any book or newspaper in printed form – without links – would be “fascist”. Go think what you think of such people. For us, this is just incredible. Just simply incredible.


.*** about the hashtag – well we are quite sure we don’t have to widely explain that this is a well known nazi hashtag. as mentioned – said account got the question – twice – what this hashtag was doing in the tweet sent to out by that twitter account. everybody gets a chance to explain a typo or what ever kind of error and apologize. this account – the account has a female avatar, the male or female account user claims to be a journalist – this account got the chance to explain twice and did not answer. we just want to note – silently but getting more and more to the point here – we want to note that we have a witness here who saw nazi “greeting formulas”  (in that time back then in written form, as those two words, not as numbers) used in the wl chat channel. wl “supporters” trying to call that – as they usually do – “smearing” will have to be careful since it looks it is not only one witness of that incident here around any more. (our first witness says he/she can not say whether this is typical there – the witness says he/she did not go back there after seeing this. ONE visit and the greeting formulas were there. what a coincident. sure – guests in a channel are just guests, however when a person also in the channel, observing this, is telling the admin to do something about the issue and the stuff just goes on, then the problem gets larger and larger. and now, right now, we are working on the verification whether the 2nd witness of this exact incident is our contact. first proofs are there since the contact started to talk about this exact talk that happened years ago – started to talk about it without being asked about that by our side. we actually did not expect that. but incidents happen, we are working on the final verification right exactly now whether our contact is the written voice that our first witness rememebers, the voice addressing the admin. seriously, maniacs calling themselves “supporters” can at this point try to claim what they claim – things happen – they cause issues – issues have to be addressed, that’s life. in this case, actually, adressing it is not really a complicated thing to do.  writing a public dissociation from nazis is not a master theisis. this can usually be done without waiting for godot. —- now switching back to the current issue: a twitter account first sends a strange nazicode hashtag first, in a tweet, (it is a dead hashtag gladly on twitter since it’s a number code, however… it is just getting more and more serious, fact after fact) – so: this account sends this hashtag first, in the tweet about the missing link, gets twice the question to explain what this hashtag was doing in the tweet, does not answer that question. and today, assanganista, peterkofod and this third account after assanganistas troll stunt use the popping up of an IP phisher in a tweet discussion thread as an easy excuse to start to call -our- account an account of an IP phisher (wow we really must have excellent connections here – we are actually sure that assanganista knows her/himself quite well that her/his reactions to this phishing account popping up in the discussion thread leading her/him to begin now an incredibly super quickly starting own private campaign naming -us- -us, wn030- phishers will look a liiiiiil bit poor to the public – but let them try, it seems to be a typical way of some accounts to deal with issues. assanganista her/himself was told several times to type his/her comment if he/she has someting to add or to note about the issue mentioned here – he/she was told to address what is here on the page – he/she prefers instead to troll twitter accounts and to start a private “wikinews030 IS AN IP PHISHER!” twitter campaign – well let her/him do it. Expecting that the public will believe it might. be. however. a.little.bit.harder. 



these are just more and more reasons to take that more and more seriously, more and more reasons to do what has to be done and to publish a dissociation that has to be published anyway due to the reasons mentioned in the discussion you see below. a dissociation from nazis, btw, that is – usually – and typically – as long as there are no reasons to hold such a dissociation back – usually a quite uncomplicated thing to do. 

paragraph addressed to assanganista: you were trolling our account with a set of tweets that were nothing but provocations. you were told from the beginning to use the discussion funktion in case you have anything to add to the topic here. you were then, later, demanding that I post a tweet by you, a tweet that, as you said, was revealing the “truth”. actually, we do not believe that. during the entire trolling phase you were not addressing the actual topic a single time. shortly after your set of provocations you immediately used the showing up of an account that sent an IP phishing to the tweet discussion thread – you immediately used that in order to start your private “wikinews030 is an IP Phisher!!” campaign. and you are still asking why your tweets – your links were not posted by us? if you would have done that yourself, there would be replies questioning why your links are supposed to be in anyway related with the issue here. you are quick with accusing other people and take everything you get into your hands to make it useful for your current aim. we were -expecting- you to claim that the fact, the rixstep issue is a fake or a set of accusations about the people or person responsible for the linked page, if necessary also about every person in the reply/discussions there and then of course also about us, – we were expecting it. since you did not show you care for the topic at all, all you want is to find a useful measure to attack what is there, to attack the fact that issues are there – to attack instead of working on it. your links were not even clicked, assanganista, there were too many reasons to expect a set of stuff having nothing to do with the problem described and reported here. you want to prove that expecting unrelated links was wrong? you want to prove that your links were related to the reported problem at all? then you should learn to type in a comment field and to explain thoroughly why you think that.

Now let’s switch to the actual point. Assanganista: You know or should know that your tweet – you were tweeting the exact same link to exact same nazi site – that your tweet is visible on the linked page. So what exactly actually are you trying to explain us.

what. this is another “just a claim”, yes? you think no one will click the link above because you told people stories about it?

no problem, then, here is your tweet, assanganista:

the screenshot of a screenshot. rixstep and assanganista tweet said link to a nazipage.

the screenshot of a screenshot. rixstep and assanganista tweet said link to a nazipage.


our source – the page where we copied these tweets from – is a page that published these tweets. it is, as you know, assanganista, linked just a couple of paraphraphs above. the actual sources for these tweets however, assanganista, are -you- and -rixstep-



update 29.12. – the other text parts on the pages linked via the link provided ba fusaiko (the one who needs glasses, scroll down to the comments below) – other answers from them are answered in text parts above.  now to the next one. One of the blogs says assanganista’s tweet could not be found when the issue was checked. now you have to know and understand that twitter is not made for good detailed research – they are preparing a way for users to download their tweets, but a real twitter search is not possible, not even with topsy and similar ones. so – if this tweet was deleted by assanganista, this – exactly this information – is what interests pages like ours and our typical readers. so could you, assanganista, kindly add this information there – was it deleted. if yes: WHEN. how quickly after getting the information about the page you linked. (in case you deleted it at all.) 


28.12. one of the reactions from their side was hinting at the fact that there are documents proving that the US gov was making up plans involving exactly such campaigns in order to damage the network and assange thinks this will still work?

without knowing about the US gov searching for exactly such issues – without knowing that, such a fail would be a fail anyway.

but if you KNOW this is the case – then, instead of addressing it even faster –  you just go on don’t care a damn and afterwards shout that there is a plan? I mean this guy is 5 years old, what kind of behaviour is that.


that there are certain parties extermely interested in causing damage to WL,  however possible – well “news”! – but this is visible in the comments section there plus in  the fact that the page does prefer comments that shout out claims with no proof or source, comments obviously having the aim to hound emotionally. however, this does not change the facts mentioned in the page’s contents there – in case further research proofs that the other ones are also true, not just the tweets (and the tweets would be reasons enough to finally write a clear dissociation).


so – to the repost. this is what we found when checking the informations provided by the watch-page:






Here is an article by the Süddeutsche mentioning this Nazi, 17. Mai 2010


Reminder: Rixstep is regularly pushed by WL. Tweets to this page are regular in the WL tweetfeed. Until today (Dec 30th – 2012). The Watch-page further claims that the official supporter page (Rixstep is as a supporter no less official since being linked by WL in tweets regularly, actually, and these are anything else but critical tweets… ) – the Watchpage says that this article is linked by the official supportpage justice4assange – also there, no hint that they are actually linking to Nazi material that is then further linking to the Nazis blogpage… – checking this this information reveals: 



Date of the screenshot above: Dec 30th, 2012. 

On March 7th, 2012, WL tweets a link to Fria Tider, a pendant of the Junge Freiheit (re JF, see bottom of this page) (even the svedish wiki page – although “friends” of them try hard to avoid being named what they are – gives enough hints, – just take a look at the article discussion part Kategorin Högerextremism i Sverige ) – (for now, the wiki page about them landed in the category right wing populism –  is there any “supporter” around who would like to call that tweet below – on top of the issues above a “smaller issue” or “non-existent”?)

there were 9 tweets with links to fria tider sent between March 7th and November 28th, 2012. plus a 10th on January 5th, 2013. Note this is actually done deliberately, JA knows perfectly well what he is tweeting and where he is linking. JA also knows perfectly well how much he is damaging support for bradley manning with it. Why we say that? Aside of the fact that lack of verification on such a level would be very surprising for any account claiming to be the official account of a “journalistic” or “media organisation”, aside of the fact that they are busy with Swedish law and media long enough to have an orientation what they are tweeting when they tweet to Fria Tider, he received hints and replies to these tweets early enough to be informed about it for months now. He cares a damn how much damage he is doing for the #freebrad support with this. He gave the final proof of this with the 10th tweet on January 5, 2013. (Actually, to be honest, he gave that proof much earlier. The issues with the financial help delay a couple of years back left aside, the final proof was given with the very first tweet to Fria Tider that was left there, unwithdrawn, open for retweets, after it was tweeted. But this tenth tweet just simply tops it all – it was tweeted while some groupies were freaking out in the #assange hashtag over a hoax article on indymedia that claimed JA was arrested (it was confirmed as a hoax early, the very same day, by a guardian journo) – so: while some groupies were still falling for the “arrest” hoax in the #assange hashtag, he conveniently used the time for the _tenth_ tweet to a right wing extremist paper, seeing absolutely no issue with it – why should they, relativating it is soo easy anyway, isn’t it? – Tweeting it in the middle of the arrest hoax panic is especially disgusting since the people used it for massive retweeting – after all, the official WL account showed this way that everything is allright, isn’t it?  Note that this tweet received, using this tactic, more than 70 retweets on January 5. Well, however – for supporters it’s all no issue, no problem. Life can be great when you live it like an ostrich.)
Update 2.1.2013 – Btw it’s not as it can be currently expected that many supporters writing about WL related topics in English are able to address the issue seriously. Actually, not at all, so far. Let’s take a look at what x70 thinks about it (you for sure remember this nick name, apk mentioned x7o back in January 2011) – so, let’s present you how x7o thinks about reposting nazi content by an official support page, promoting  a nazi blog with a direct link (while not even warning page visitors that this is an article by a notorious nazi and that it’s a nazi blog they in addition promote by direct linking, altough the promoted person is widely kown as a nazi to the media. All that rixstep – and WL, since WL is regularly tweeting links to rixstep – all they had to do is to do at least some basic research on him, and since WL surely does not want us to claim they do not even know how to do basic research, we must assume this was done deliberately) plus linking to that content via the official support page justice4, also regularly pushed via tweets by the official WL account – so: here is what x7o thinks about it. (Let us sum up it for you in a few words: the reaction is basically – “where is the problem…”)

Written by wn030

December 23, 2012 at 6:33 pm

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  1. Young people from Germany made the following recommended clip. Very young people – young enough to be his very own kids, those he was dreaming of.

    But somehow, these kids here – although much younger – show a higher intellectual capability than the “promising” WL person with access.

    These young people show you some faces of holocaust deniers – some of those people who make sites like the one that Wikileaks sent a tweet to. They also show you how protests against them look like. Among those protesters, you will hardly find a WL supporter if you don’t post a public official dissociation referring to this issue, explain how it happened and publicly dissociating from this part of the political landscape. Without it, the only WL supporters left will be some nazis and the rest will be zero IQ monkeys trolling around, like those you see in the clip – those people in uniforms with helmets.


    December 24, 2012 at 10:04 am

  2. Aktuelle Infos:
    +++ Dresden Nazifrei startet in die Kampagne für den Februar 2013 +++ Den Aufruf findet ihr hier! Unterzeichnet!+++
    source of ths Aktuelle Information
    Textausschnitt aus der “Stellungnahme zur Pressekonferenz…” – “… Wir respektieren jede Art, sich den Nazis am 13. Februar auf der Straße entgegenzustellen. Gleichzeitig halten wir aber klar an unserer Absicht fest, den Naziaufmarsch am 13. Februar auch 2013 zu blockieren. Unsere Erfolge der letzten Jahre stehen für sich: der Nazi-Großaufmarsch konnte 2012 durch unsere Intervention erstmals komplett verhindert werden. Gleichzeitig haben wir mit dazu beigetragen, das Geschichtsbild in Dresden zu verändern und für die Rolle Dresdens im Nationalsozialismus zu sensibilisieren, z.B. durch den auch im nächsten Jahr durchgeführten Mahngang Täterspuren. …”


    wn030: dürfen wir sagen, dass wir das hoffentlich hoffen dürfen? laut mdr gibt es also doch wieder eine nazidemo-anmeldung, auch dieses jahr – dann gibt es hoffentlich auch dieses jahr wieder blockaden. wie ist das mit den dresdner namensschildern an polizeiuniformen eigentlich? (naja – wie soll es um die schon stehen, mit polizeigewerkschaftsvorsitzenden, die ihre Interviews so platzieren, wie diese)
    außerdem sind wir sehr gespannt, ob sie nach dem letzten einsatz ihres spielzeugs das ding dieses jahr nochmal starten lassen wollen.

    wn030-7 (side topic switching in: Dresden Nazifrei - Aufruf und Stellungnahme-Textausschnitt)

    December 24, 2012 at 1:20 pm


    Over reacting. In fact just a bit I dunno self-righteous.


    Golden Dawn rules with an Iron Fist in Greece and you’re worried about Holocaust deniers?

    Can we get some fucking perspective?

    This is the Internet god dammit.

    reply by wn030:
    there is no “f*cking perspective” since the people writing here and our readers do not fuck with nazis.

    You know what? Doomsday could be too late, a global flood could happen, the 3rd world war could start and the first text we would write in the shelter if we would reach it would be the text about WL needing ages to come to grips that a holocaust denier is NOT the best idea for a team member and the first tweet we would send from the shelter would be the tweet about WL retweeting tweets associated with nazi contents.

    This is the internet goddammit and we’ll not leave it to nazishit bastards.

    Btw – a commentator online assumes lacks in history. Of son AND mother. Well – some history awareness is actually indeed something we would expect from people with access to accounts with that responsibility. No idea from what part, from what continent on earth you’ve been writing from. but actually… your post reads like a reply from a land that asks for tuition fees. Lacks of education, dear. You should do something about it. Tuiton fees let the danger of such fails grow unneccesarily high. You should do something about it in the country you were writing from. History awareness, knowledge – education is a human right, your right. Make it a legal right that you can claim. If you’re a young person, fight for it. If you’re older, help your kids fighting for it.


    December 24, 2012 at 4:27 pm

  4. we get first dissociation confirmations from people in the digital neigbourhood of WL


    December 25, 2012 at 9:52 am

  5. and the reply we received was:


    December 25, 2012 at 9:52 am

  6. (Our replies to the tweet above were 1 2 3 ) – (@anked confirmed that on basis of her experiences with the asher wolf account the very same day) – However, an official dissociation from rixstep written by WL will be not enough. What is needed here is a clearly written public official dissociation from Nazis.

    How do you want to start a candidacy without one?


    December 25, 2012 at 9:55 am

    • There cannot be a public dissociation if there never was a public association in the first place. And now try to solve the problem where u can and help outlaw the NPD party.
      reply by wn030: sorry: the people here are at least trying to get the verbot done. alright? and the people here are at least fighting against them. what we see from wikileaks is PUBLIC ASSOCIATING WITH NAZI ACCPETING, NAZI LINKING AND NAZI DEFENDING PEOPLE – rixstep – and this association was as public as it possibly can.f.o.l.l.o.w.i.n.g a person defending nazi mindset? a mindset he tinks it is not relevant as long as it is usable for WL? a mindset being irrelevant, as long as it is critisizing a person who is critical re assange? INTERESTING.

      so – sorry. the rixstep issue is there. the fria-tider-tweets are there. it is not addressed. as if a public dissociation was that a complicated rocket science, this is simply ri-di-cu-lous. unacceptable comment.

      what. missed the news? “working on the Verbot” is totally new to you? never heard of it? – kampagne 2007 – I would call that working. for quite some time. as opposed to people calling tweeting nazilinks “no issue”.

      news 2012: – “All You Need To Know About The NPD-Ban” (this page is really good and very reliable, recommended read. be careful with google Translate, machine cause a lot of confusions, so feel free to ask questions – – “NPD-Verbot: Friedrich gibt ein trauriges Bild ab” – Bundesrat beschließt NPD-Verbotsantrag (14.12.2012)!107435/ etc etc etc –

      and re the “they are at least fighting against it” – see the video above. how a person can be so incredibly empty in the brain, full of straw as they call it here in Germany, to post a comment like yours, Suzi, is simply… hard, quite hard to understand. come to grips.


      December 25, 2012 at 1:22 pm

      • I doubt any1 at WL or rixstep cares about Neo-Na-zis. I think rixstep just saw a message that supported WL and thats why both rixstep+WL retweeted it. Not every1 is as obsessed with that topic as u are. Most people have never ever been to a neo Na.zi forum nor would they know how one looks like. And now relax its Christmas and the Second World War is long over. U are however free to donate half of every cent u earn to Holoicaust trusts if u feal any collective guilt.

        reply by wn030 – susi – right. exactly. sure.

        susi, you have no idea how clearly you are showing us that our reasons to whistle and shout as loudly as we can are there and visible. you are showing us why comments like yours are e.x.a.c.t.l.y. the problem and issue here. they -do- not care. not caring about them is exactly the brainwash we Europeans get from US propaganda. not caring about them meaning tolerating them, accepting them. remember again the odesk/facebook issue – the manual – the topic that arrived here via gawker. check that out, we have a page about that. on the bottom of the page you find links to media reporting about the case. the odesk/facebook manual said – following US “law” – to the moderators: nazi stuff is ok, briestfeeding mothers not. weapons are fine allright, kissing not. WAKE UP SUSI. check the text above again and realise why the sentence about the farce hits the point quite exactly. all we can say to JA is “what do you want to tell the people about voluntary STASI on facebook if you do not even get this point?” and more over: “what do you want to tell the next person – somebody who MIGHT click on a page on our site. the link to the publishers. in their tweet, embedded on our site – somebody who might take some time, think and klick there again, later, and who then MIGHT buy this book finally – what do you want to tell t.h.i.s reader who found the book via our page about voluntary STASI on facebook – if you do not even get this hint and that fact straight?”

        re the sentence “Not every1 is as obsessed with that topic as u are.” – no, wrong, suzi. not everyone is as blind on that eye as you are.

        where you are from, maybe but come to grips with that. ask yourself why, if you are somebody from the US you keep thinking that we are talking about an “obsession”. this is US brainwash – typical US propaganda. (in russia not much different, they also try to claim they have no problem with nazis there, in poland same etc) – however, installing that in people’s minds is US way to hold that shit up and push it and here is a page replying from berlin saying kein fußbreit, please do come to grips with that and try to understand why.
        they “do not care” about them. and at the same time they use them. pro assange texts meaning in this case text critical re a person critical about assange – “no problem man, let this text where ever it comes from, we take all and everyone, keep them coming!” – susi. will you ever wake up?

        and remember, all this is about is a missing public dissociation from nazis by someone who starts for a political candidacy. which is a veeeery, a very complicated thing to do. sorry, susi, this is – at this point – at the point of a candidacy start – unfortunately – necessary. I personally would be ashamed as hell if I would find myself some day defending someone who behaves as this guy currently. after that history of the wl network trying to start a candidacy without this crucial information – you must be thinking the rest of the world is as crazy as you to accept that? NO, SUSI, not everyone is as blind on that eye as you are. kein fußbreit without that public dissociation from nazis publicly officially written and posted or tweetlonger-tweeted by wikileaks. what ever channel – all we want is that it reaches the public.

        the right wing extremist paper was linked via tweets 10th times in total (including Jan 5th). the nazi repost is used by the official support page justice4 – the issue is self-fabricated by WL, solving it is up to them.


        December 25, 2012 at 3:23 pm

  7. ok I’m getting where your coming from now but still not understanding what you want from me as i’ve answered your question numerous times; no i do not support neo nazis or the third reich so where to from here

    reply by wn030: sure, this was discussed in the meantime, the answers were 1 2 3 4 5 – the reply to 5 is visible below.

    I am not RD (@wikileakslover)

    December 25, 2012 at 1:36 pm

  8. Also I dont even follow RixStep so am out of the loop about whats been going on until you directed me to this page

    (reply by wn030: to be honest – but don’t tell anybody please – same with us. we had no clue. no clue. we blocked rixstep like after 2 or 3 tweets, back in… let me think… warlogs time or so? year or years, no idea how many now, some time ago. but was quite quick. first the account was unknwon but the double block was quick after 2-3 tweets or so.

    so: we had no clue. all compaints we had were just some occasionally old bitching around when remembering how long they needed to finally dissociate themself from that holocaust denier, but that there were new issues in the same category…

    we had no clue but please don’t tell anyone that we did not know that. we were informed about that recently. a couple of days ago. and then all the shit comes together: mo-moment. we see this issue. after there were very similar issues reported already. known facts of history, no way to deny that. – then we see these news. and then think of that speech, it’s ust a click away, we reported about it too, and then think again: “alright, fine – everthing perfect but where is this crucial information?” – where, do they think, where on earth can they start a political candidacy without this crucial information – after all this stuff visible above and in light of the background of this shit, in light of the fact that this is not the first time they have – themselves – placed – themselves – in that political area? this is why we are now saying: up to a certain point, but here is no fußbreit. this is talking about a political candidacy, so now we want to speak tacheles and hear tacheles. so: where is the public dissociation from nazis – by wikileaks?

    I am not RD (@wikileakslover)

    December 25, 2012 at 1:37 pm

  9. As a wikileaks supporter I am dismayed that this tweet by rixstep and link to neo nazi site was posted. I do not agree with Neo Nazi supporters but I do agree to freedom of speech and expression, condemn me if you must. I am not in aposition to “Disassociate’ wikileaks supporters from anything, but I do support them regardless. #FreeAssange #FreeManning and STOP bogus Wars on Terror!

    reply by wn030: no one here would ever condemn you just for the fact that you were not able to hack their account and post it for them. it’s their responsibility, they have to do it.

    I am not RD (@wikileakslover)

    December 25, 2012 at 1:48 pm

  10. there is an update to the text above, a second supporter speaks out.


    December 25, 2012 at 1:57 pm

  11. this second wikileaks supporter adds one tweet later as a reply to the sentence “what we are demanding is the dissociation from nazis by #wikileaks – the reply reads:


    December 25, 2012 at 1:59 pm

  12. wn030: We agree with you that a WikiLeaks refusal to completely disassociate from the Nazis would be a very serious issue if in fact:
    1) WikiLeaks can be shown to have, first of all, officially “associated” or expressed support in any way for the program of any fascist group and
    2) WikiLeaks does not clarify its position on the issue of fascism in the wake of this (which appears to us to be, so far, a) significant but inadvertent faux pas.

    WikiLeaks has a lot on their plate right now, it is quite possible that, over the holidays, junior people are being given the reins to the website while senior people are celebrating the holidays. Give them a few days to respond. The very fact that this appears to have occurred during major holidays, when the staff at WikiLeaks is most likely depleted, signifies that this could be a serious editing failure by whoever was left in charge. Give WikiLeaks a few days to first do an investigation, and then write up an explanation of what happened.

    At the very least, it is a warning to EVERYONE who uses Twitter to check those links inside friendly-appearing Tweets before you retweet them! Twitter sucks anyway; it’s a tenth-rate method of communication whose very format is practically designed to cause users to commit precisely this kind of mistake on a regular basis. Let’s not start accusing people of being neo-Nazis because they retweeted a stupid Tweet pretending to be friendly that turned out to be a poison pill disguised as a politically supportable message.

    But you are absolutely right to take this issue seriously. Please use all available channels through the primary WikiLeaks website to contact their leadership, give them all the relevant information about the issue and then give them time to get to the bottom of what happened. And then let everyone know what their response was.

    You have to be extremely careful about accusing people of being “soft” on fascism, or of supporting it. The more serious a charge is, the more thorough the “proof” must be before you go launching accusations. WikiLeaks is itself the victim of such a campaign against the person of Julian Assange. It would be entirely understandable if they exerted extreme caution before they accuse one of their own workers of something so serious. They should not jump to conclusions, and neither should you or any of us.

    But good job catching this screwup and for following up on it! Please keep us abreast of further developments

    Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago (USA)


    reply by wn030: hello chicago, greetings from berlin.

    thank you for the time you took to write this response, especially in light of the fact that a response from the wl account is not there – the awaited dissociation from nazis.

    your letter was sent to the account expected to finally address the issue

    regarding the sentence “You have to be extremely careful about accusing people of being “soft” on fascism, or of supporting it.” – please note that we critisised acting that looks even like collaboration with them (you have to be careful and afraid of that as long as there are issues popping up one after another and as long as you have NO – absolutely NO hint, no proof, nothing in your hand (the missing dissociation) that would tell you that at least officially this can be excluded. issues in this area summed up.

    please however note we were referring to the reported problem in connection with rixstep – and we said nazi mindset.

    the word “fascism” entered the debate yesterday. this happened due to a reaction to a certain sentence quoted in the text above, a rixstep quote, at least according to the page reporting about it and giving screenshots.

    the reaction to this sentence caused the word “fascism” to pop up.

    however – regardless of this reaction – the actual issue is the issue in connection with rixstep – an association, as we see it, as publicly as it possibly can – and we were and are critisizing the missing public official dissociation from nazis, written and published by wikileaks, in light of the issues observed so far needed anyway and especially if starting now a political candidacy campaign even more.

    treat the word “fascism” as a reaction to the rixstep sentence quote – it’s the expression it made. in this exact case, meaning: in connection with that quoted sentence, a reaction being not a political one but a reaction to the violence, the cruelty, the sadism expressed in this sentence. so the word entered the debate. rixstep introduced himself as a person seein no issue in that, accepting the content where ever it comes from and even more if usable for wl – and when seeing that sentence in addition, the word popped up. (or, to be more clear, it must be left to readers to decide whether the addition of that additional term was a political one or not, since actually… on the ground of observing an account “eplaining” why links to nazi sites are ok and nazi mindset no issue… – on the ground of that, such a reaction to reading such a sentence can probably not be totally unpolitical – but anyway – this is not the crucial point here.)

    the actual issue is, however, the missing dissociation from nazis, nothing else, at least from our point of view. (meaning this is the actual political reaction to the issue, to rixstep’s trials to “explain” why he did not delete the tweet – and similar trials to “explain” why links to nazi sites are observed on pages associated with wl according on the information of said linked page – but, as for our own veryfied information at least the reply from rixstep – in the screenshot – should be readable clearly for every one backchecking that information. this trial to “explain” why the tweet with a link to a nazi site was not deleted makes a dissociation absolutely necessary, regardless of what some supporters think of the rest of the page (including us). in light that WL was – we will search for people who can confirm that, who witnessed that – that the account WL was following rixstep for a while and retweeted tweets by him – the political reaction can be a demand for a clear dissociation now that the political campaign is supposed to start. meaning also: nazis – this is the word we want to see in a public dissociation. [if the dissociation is a bit longer, ok, but this one word must be there at least.])


    December 25, 2012 at 6:19 pm

  13. also es geht einfach darum, dass hier auf jeden fall ein verdammt großes problem vorliegt garkeine frage! ABER: opblitzkrieg als hashtag zu verwenden nur um größere aufmerksamkeit zu erlangen geht nich! und du kannst niemanden dazu zwingen etwas dagegen zu tun und ihn anschließend fast zu beleidigen nur weil er dies nicht tut…

    wn030: “größere aufmerksamkeit” – wir können nicht dichthalten oder ruhig halten dazu, was erwartest du von uns? es ging uns darum, leute von euch zu informieren. wie und ob sich jemand dessen annimmt… wenigstens einen tweet hättet ihr mal absenden können – nun, jetzt ist aber ein kommentar da. mit einer deutlichen aussage.
    zur beleidigung: momentmal, auf welchen tweet beziehst du dich?


    December 25, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    • wie gesagt darum geht es auch nicht das ihr bei so etwas nicht ruhig halten könnt das ist mir schon ganz klar. aber was erwartest du wenn du jemanden anschreibst und ihn bedrängst sich dessen anzunehmen. das man dann keine lust mehr hat sollte auch klar sein! was hattet ihr/du denn erwartet was sie hätten tun sollen?
      wn030: siehe oben. mann, wenigstens einen satz, ein kommentar, spruch, einen adressierten tweet an die, von denen die distanzierung von nazis erwartet, gefordert wird – sonst ist bei euch bei solchen themen der deibel los und hier … auch wenn klar, irgendwie – wer weiß, ob uns das nich genauso gegangen wäre. bei erstkonfrontation mit dem problem. man erwartet eben bestimmte sachen an bestimmten orten am wenigsten. wie sagte jemand: “so kann man sich täuschen”.


      December 25, 2012 at 7:54 pm

  14. confirmation that the letter from friends of wikileaks chicago was sent to the account expected to address the issue: confirmation 1confirmation 2


    December 25, 2012 at 9:05 pm

  15. Thanks to Chicago FoWL, I hope it is an oversight by young people left to their own devices over the holidays; while this seems plausible it is hardly appropriate especially considering the upcoming candidacy. Lets hope Wikileaks does post a disassociation from the Nazi party as it obviously is destructive to any forthcoming campaign.

  16. for the public – we don’t read comments on the wikileaks watch page without critisism (just seen a lot of ideas spread in the comment feed below the page “rixstep and the nazi site”).

    particularly, a certain commentator wants the “criminal”.

    publicly – our response to the commentator “objectiviser” is: fine! we want him, too!

    so, can the US be so nice and send the criminal to Den Haag? – you know, the person in charge and responsible for the respective minutes of the Collateral Murder video.


    so – back to the topic:

    wikileaks, where is the dissociation from nazis, since it is simply necessary, the tweets were sent.

    something obviously must have gone incredibly wrong – the tweets from rixstep are there, his “expalations” why he means there’s no issue with that – material / texts from that part of the political landscape are said to be used by support sites claimed to be official…. (are official, in fact, since directly linked by, with links tweeted regularly by the official wikileaks account) – and since that would be not the first time that … that wl choses … people for cooperation or for material usage quite … in a way that is not what you can call an acceptable one, a clarification of what is going on is necessary. in a situation like the observed – the links were sent. the repost was placed. the repost was linked. this all and additionally, the facts observed by our witness.
    an entire full set of reasons.
    not publishing a dissociation definitely has an effect of letting people getting sceptical.
    this is absolutely an issue and absolutely one that has to be addressed – no better way to do that other than by publishing an official dissociation.

    otherwise the issue just grows on and keeps being discussed
    so – 4 issues raised by a commentator on the watch page (“mary eng” – you will find it when you google for “rixstep and the nazi website”) 4 of them are confirmed (see screenshots above, with the exception that WL dissociated themselves from shamir officially. JB (guardian) wrote re. this dissociation that WL claiming shamir was not an official wl team member is “categorically untrue” and that he “speaks from first hand experience”. however – an official dissociation _IS_ an official dissociation. this has to be accepted, even by the guardian. how exactly you want to interpretate the dissociation is up to you [let’s say the rest of the team might have raised a voice after being informed about shamir’s identity and about shamir’s writings and history on a wider angle and dissociated themselves from a person who was intriduced under a false name by the current chief editor] – how exactly you interpretate the dissociation is up to you, however, it is an official one]. so: 4 claims confirmed, 2 of them were hinting at the same issue (rixstep/olsson) and 4th one is outdated, which leaves exactly 2 claims in total. the rest of the claims by this commentator (“mary eng” on the watch page) seems, however, to be indeed just pure emotional hounding, claiming surprising things without a single source or link for verification, something you would definitely expect if presenting claims to the public being hardly in line with any of the facts known so far. wiki articles are definitely not the only source you should check but, if knowing how to deal with article histories, should not be totally avoided also. aside of checking the article history, the sources mentioned should be of some interest. out of the part on the German wiki re assange’s youth phase, we wish to stress the following sentence: Als die mathematische Fakultät seiner Universität im Rahmen eines Vertrages mit der US-Armee Studien erstellte, die das Verhalten von militärisch eingesetzten Truppentransportern und Bulldozern verbessern sollten, exmatrikulierte sich Assange aus Protest gegen das, was er „die Optimierung einer Killer-Maschine“ nannte.[11] – the source for it is: Marcel Rosenbach, Holger Stark: Staatsfeind WikiLeaks. Wie eine Gruppe von Netzaktivisten die mächtigsten Nationen der Welt herausfordert. S. 63. Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, München 2011, ISBN 978-3-421-04518-8.


    December 28, 2012 at 12:42 am

  17. you misunderstood rixstep’s comment about rape just like the wikiwatchers. read again. it has been dealt with a while ago here

    wn030: hello fusako, yes of course, we “misunderstood”. we “misunderstood” that rixstep sentence as we for sure “misunderstood” the rest of the sentences since, as you should know, the comment sentence is not a standalone on the page that reported about the rixstep issue. you think we did not read the rest of them? so – thanks a lot for the link, there will be for sure a comment field there too, as we hope. however, for now, all we can say is that there is a reply to your comment available already. please read the tweet discussion under the following link: TWEET LINK.

    so, the reply blog (abuveliki or so) gives a screenshot of the text the rixstep quote was taken from. it’s here. alright. this indeed looks as written by a person who definitely seems to have some issues with the feminist movement, but actually this exact fact cannot really surprise in the light of the case -and- since this larger part of text proves how indeed the short quotation changed the meaning, we regard this point as solved.

    OK. but. now what was the stuff about tweeting THAT nazi page link -and- trying to “explain” it -AND- claiming there’s “no issue anyway, since…” – AND – what is the story about wl still pushing rixstep via twitter as if the tweets with those links were not there?

    and what is the stuff about this mentioned reposted text about? and why are strange people tweeting with strange number hashtags? why are people creating “IP PHISHER!” panic on twitter just because a phisher account pops up in a tweet discussion thread? panic just because somebody reminds of links to a nazi site that were sent out and this is supposed not to make people suspicious? panic instead of working on the issue and this is supposed not to make the people look even more closely? and now WL, just like rixstep now: hoping that people do not care instead of working on the issue? silence instead of publishing a paper that has to be published? where is the dissociation from nazis from rixstep, an apologize for this incredible fail and where is the dissociation from nazis from WL because people see him being pushed by WL – hoping that people are blind or what?


    December 28, 2012 at 9:11 am

    • what a great discussion! no wonder you get no reply

      reply by wn030: fusako, go try this somewhere else. the only person not coming to grips with an uncomplicated thing is assange here, sorry yeah i know you do not like to hear that. dissociation. the paper. where is it.

      and fusako, YOU please be so nice and come to grips with a small tiny hint: your style to try to disturb this site here will not work since it is known to the world already, your style. it WILL. NOT. WORK. because the people are tired of that. and: there are good and serious replies here. wonder who now needs glasses if claiming not to see them. and wonder who know thinks other readers will not be surprised about your sentence – they see them. the replies. why do YOU not see them, this is the question here.


      December 28, 2012 at 11:12 am

  18. … and… I have the feeling….
    now as soon as I have a tiny couple of time…
    a certain text recently sent through will





    what an un-for-tu-nate timing. all 4 ppl busy with -this- topic have their other every day stuff to do, including me. including. me.

    really no time machine available? none in the neighbourhood? last parteitag the pirates had one, where did it go?

    [joke aside can be a joke aside but all this because of a certain person being not able to do what logics would propose as the actually only acceptable solution. where is the dissociation.]


    December 28, 2012 at 1:44 pm

  19. […] while Assange is currently busy with driving the name of Wikileaks down and further down into endless Bullshit, Appelbaum gives an interesting keynote at the  Chaos Computer Club yearly convention – the […]

  20. quick research on the right wing populistic page “fria tider” shows 10 content results for “assange”. take this, in addition to the official WL account tweeting direct links there. you would have expected the team to be able to post a quick note from WL even after the first text showed up – to avoid any supporters thinking fria tider joining the “fanclub” is endorsed by them. instead, however, this is not even quietly accepted but as you see, WL even tweeted several direct links there – to 1,6 mio. not once, but 9 times in total until today (we made a screenshot of these 9 search results, 9 tweets by the official WL account – here it is) – the dissociation, overdue in light of the entire bullshit visible is still not published.

    note also that the tweets are quite obvious, no way to describe _them_ as critical, you can see this on the tweet texts. first tweet sent on March 7th, last tweet to fra tider sent on Nov 28th


    January 1, 2013 at 10:39 am

  21. comment re. WL tweeting links to Fra Tider by Christian Christensen, Professor of Media and Communications Studies in the Department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University, Sweden


    January 3, 2013 at 9:01 pm

  22. wn030

    January 3, 2013 at 9:01 pm

  23. you have to know that Assange is doing it deliberately. He deliberately alienates even the most, formerly most patient – now former supporters. He furthermore deliberately disturbs support for #freebrad this way. The 10th tweet with link to Fria Tider was sent on Jan 5, 2013. Below one of the response tweets.


    January 5, 2013 at 6:54 pm

  24. … if you read our text, you might have stumbled over our mentioning a certain account tweeting to us with a well-known nazi number code (#88) – as mentioned in the text, we asked the person twice to explain what this nazi code hashtag was doing in her tweet to us, we did not get a reply to this question. when we checked again on Jan 6, the tweet was not there anymore, so she seems to have deleted it now, at least something. — anyway, this is what we experienced in the first days of our research with this particular account.

    now let us present you an update regarding this account:

    note that this person – she has a blonde female avatar – claims on her profile to be a “journalist”.

    this person is also fond of tweeting links to fria tider. (see snaphot – S. Franfälle tweets links to Fria Tider twice on Jan 5, 2013) (it was the day when WL tweeted their -tenth- tweet to Fria Tider)

    she is another “supporter” account being retweeted by the official WL twitter account (see snapshot)

    you might find it interesting how typical her relativation of her own tweets are (for S. Franfälle, links to a right wing extremist paper are of course no problem)

    a first web based research on S. Franfälle did not provide a single result in an official newspaper yet. The results we found were all connected with one page only (marthamichelleffect) plus an indymedia post.


    January 6, 2013 at 1:25 pm

  25. note that the link to Fria Tider sent on Jan 5, 2013, was furthermore, how else, also tweeted by:


    and of course, Assange’s mother, too.


    January 6, 2013 at 10:39 pm

  26. […] Englisch sprechende Leser unserer Seite seit einigen Tagen verfolgen konnten, existiert aktuell ein ernstzunehmendes Problem bei Wikileaks – die Gruppe muss sich der […]

  27. Linking is not socialising or generic endorsement. The new journalism is not a fraternity or guild like establishment journalism and politics. Anything worth quoting or linking to is worth quoting or linking to irrespective of whether the Devil himself is the undoubted author.

    reply by wn030: this is quite a shocking statement and a worrying refusal of responsibility. As explained in the German article, the tweet to Fria Tider absolutely is a serious issue. Apart from the question whether you would also call the link to an Assange-related text on a “Blood an Honour” site also unproblematic, in this case it was a link sent to 1,7 followers who were mostly not even aware that they are opening a right wing extermist paper. This was the link to an article useful for Assange. Of course sending it to followers was a clear endorsement in this case. And we definitely disagree with “Anything worth quoting or linking to is worth quoting or linking to irrespective of whether the Devil himself is the undoubted author.” There is nothing that makes a Nazi text “worth quoting” (note that the link on justice4 does not even warn readers that they are referring to a Nazi text as a resource) or a right wing extremist paper “worth tweeting”. And for the person responsible – a person who wants to run for a senate seat – this applies especially.


    January 8, 2013 at 9:08 am

    • Note to “nobody”: when you reply again, reply to the article itself or to the comment above, not as an additional reply to this exact comment since WP does not handle an additional reply level, it will be not saved after submission.

      “nobody” writes: You didn’t engage with my point, except to call it shocking, irresponsible, typical of some fanatical Assange supporters, and that you definitely disagree.

      The closest you got was by writing “Of course sending it to followers was a clear endorsement in this case.” But this is disingenuous at best since any implicit endorsement of the specifically relevant content is clearly and categorically not an generic endorsement of Nazism or any other irrelevant feature, actual or alleged, central or peripheral to the host site.

      reply by wn030 to this part: Exactly as we perceive answers from supporters who back even tweets to Fria Tider up as not really touching the point we raise, we perceive them as elusive, not clear responses. Regarding the tweet – definitely sending the tweet to a right wing extemist newspaper to 1,7 mio with a link that is useflul for the editor in chief (and him only, btw) is absolutely a clear sign of endorsing the newspaper, sorry, but there is seriously no way to refuse that. you will not find a single reputable medium or media orgnanisation doing this, it might be worth to wonder why. This was providing a right wing extremist newspaper with a severe amount of new readers, who, in addition, in most cases did not even get a warning what kind of link they click. a quite disgusting act, in total. repeated 10 times overall, as for the Fria Tider links.

      “nobody” writes: As for the “followers who were mostly not even aware that they are opening a right wing extermist paper,” I myself was one of these poor wretched souls. Without even knowing what hit us, our innocence was entirely shredded. We’d never heard about or saw pictures of Hitler’s atrocities (and certainly never voted for any warmongers or torturers) yet our world was brutally widened by that link to Fria Tider, without so much as “some content on the linked site may be disturbing.” It was horrendous. I can never get back the naive innocence I’ve longed for ever since, the days when I didn’t even know that rightwing extremism existed.

      wn030: You are relativating a right wing extremist newspaper. Using what obviously aims to be sarcasm. note that this is a political statement. A statement that we indeed do take seriously.

      It’s not as if right extermistm in Sweden is non-existent [1] [2] [3] or as if history wouldn’t have shown us rigorously enough the risks of downplaying them

      “nobody” writes: Twitter is not explicitly or implicitly a friending cult like Facebook, and as I said before, the new journalism is not a fraternity or guild like establishment journalism and politics.

      wn030: Please stop selling the sending of a right-wing-extremist promotion tweet out to 1,7 mio users (sent for the sake of PR purposes for one person only) as an act of “journalism”, this is, in addition of being outright disgusting, touching the border to being ridiculous in addition. No idea where you got the definition of your “new” journalism from, however tweet-links to right wing extremist papers and using undenoted Nazi “resources” in a way we see used by justice4 and Rixstep are part of it in your private phantasy only. Quality, attention to detail and reliability are something totally different. this would be what we would underline in case this would be related solely to JA as the current chief editor of a “media organisation”. However, now since JA started a candidacy, this clearly raises additional doubts regarding as to where exactly, politically, he wants to go with his candidacy, since these issues can hardly be discribed as marginal, they show a distinct lack of awareness, lack of ability to address severe issues in time (aside of a high probability of causing them himself initally since these tweets do have a high probability to have been tweeted under his personal responsibility) and lacking clarity regarding his political standpoint. (Not to mention an additional point, namely his own deconstruction of his very own integrity as the co-author of “Cypherpunks”, as explained here in detail)
      PS by wn030: There is, btw, an interesting article in the Jungle World about Carl Lundström, a right wing extremist financier of The Pirate Bay, published on October 11, 2012. This article notes that Lundströms co-operator, Peter Sunde, used a very specific argument when asked for deletion of Nazi contents – the same argument that we saw being used by “x7o”: using an approach very similar to x7o’s “free speech” as an agrument, indeed. In his case, he referred to the Swedish “diskrimineringslagen”. The article quotes the Swedish Justice department’s reply to the request Jungle World sent them – it confirms that the anti-discrimination law is there to assure equality by protecting against discrimination due to origin, gender or religion, no to protect Nazis (i.e. their discriminating views). It seems indeed that it’s not only some Assange supporters that are not aware of this. They seem to follow somebody who has forgotten that, too – according to the behaviour he shows us.


      January 8, 2013 at 10:59 am

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