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Please note there is an update for our “About” page. Source of this update is here. It reads:




Our reply post regarding this issue.

Disclaimer: “wikinews030” is neither endosed by the Wikimedia Foundation nor have we ever claimed that nor do we intend to claim that nor do we have reasons to endorse them. This page has nothing to do with any trademark belonging to the Wikimedia Foundation. There is absolutely no connection between the Wikimedia Foundation and us. Due to the different nature of this page and its contents we have reasons to doubt that the risk of a confusion exists at all.










Archive – our “About” page until December 18, 2012 contained the following older entry:

this is an online medium with a sending-in-option via open comment entry access. please be careful with postings/comments. we will have to look at the contents sharply and with full attention. but if you´re around in the city and see stuff you think it should be mentioned louder in the media (like policemen going crazy at demonstrations or you see too small demonstrations that you think they should be a big larger via media transmission or you see bigger demonstrations that you think they should not be made smaller by official police reports or similar stuff): feel free to give us:

a) a comment -> with written text (your own!), we´ll take care of it. (if the comment is ok and does not include any: nazi stuff – or – (unpaid) commercial ads of companies or media we have nothing to do with… – [other exclusions may have to follow depending on our experiences with this new platform]

b) a link if you posted something whereelse [that´s ok]

c) a trackback if you think this makes it easier. [will be alright, too.]

if you choose option a) AND the text you´ve written is not the first in your life AND you know what it´s worth – for us, for the text-*DEALERS*, for the readers, for yourself, too, mark it with the sign “textcode option”  = “for textcode”.

if wee see this, we will have a look at the text – maybe we’ll overwork it (not touching your original post!) (update: sry, erm we had to change this a bit – it means: we keep the original post in our databank, of course, but we will have to publish an a bit – corrected where needed – version) and – if the text is ok enough – and if we find out it´s your original (not stolen somewhere maybe from a newspaper or something) – we will integrate it as a text with your name (your realname or your professional pseudonyme – however you signed it) into the pages on this platform – or maybe even into

but take care: -> we will need your contact for this  (email.) without a contact address given the post/text/news entry will have to stay a pure comment entry here and will have no chance to develop to page content (as an article or an update entry)

if you have texts that you think they are ok BUT they are somewhere in the net BUT they are your own AND you´ve not sold it there but may have not much against such a possibility -> THEN maybe at the end it could end up somewhere, but we can´t and won´t guarantee this. (while we of course appreciate new texts, current ones, that´s what this site is made for as first preference, actually.)

the rest – like bank number and all around this money item – we should do through email, cause your post will stay open, readable, in an open space. (we´re thinking about taking like 20% from the price the newspaper will pay for the text if we manage to place your article in it, not one single euro more. but be aware that usual payment per printed line is really something which can make you hungry. of course we will fight for a normal, professional payment for your journalistc texts if you show your research work has been a long and hard one.)

so. if interested in being placed with textcode option on wikinews030 or even on the superspecial textcode itself, contact us via email to:

don´t bother all the stuff if you just have something to say or to claim about or to shout out loud to the world and want it just to be read, then post it free, we will (although checking every of your comments), take the thourough editorial look only at articles marked with “textcode option” as possible textcode entries and journalistic content meant for publication.

(satz nur vorübergehend hier: “nein, über amsterdam haben wir noch nichts. wir sind doch kein twitter hier!”)

ergänzung. “instead of a redaktions-statut”.

zu unseren zielen und ansprüchen sollte das folgende hier ganz gut ein langatmiges redaktions-statut zu ersetzen imstande sein. das schreiben ist zum schutz des empfängermediums anonymisiert, aber original.

Original Message —–

From: To: wer weiß. Cc: wer weiß wer weiß. Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 2:50 PM Subject: Re: winnenden

alright. let´s see, which discussions about gun-laws will result from this. if we see the discussion growing and developing into a interesting direction (right now e.g. we have problems with gun-law connected with the guns in use by german right extreme / german neonazi-scene. if the discussion will develop into this direction, too, we´ll see if we manage to send some content about this. we also have problems with police gun laws so far (policemen carrying guns while giving their “service” at education / pupil´s protests are a problem and one of the discussion points here right now, as well as the demand that policemen are to carry their names on their uniforms, a demand which has been recently refreshed by berlin`s police president dieter glietsch. actually, without any other realized consequences so far than some media network help.)

not every story sells, that´s true. but as soon as xxxxxxxx develops so far that you can see some chances to place yourself between reporters and media – feel free to contact us THEN, inform us about new partnerships which could start us believing that holding on to the contact makes sense.

if you find a possible story – either via the “recently covered”-link (press photography) or via wikinews030 – a story or item which you know (= found out) that the media you´re in contact with are interested in – (which means if you found out that a story which we can propose because we covered it already has a “yes, probably” from your partners), feel free to ask us to send a story in english, german or both languages in then.
voran ging eine anfrage an uns, die wir beantwortet haben wie folgt:

Original Message —–

From: To: wer weiß wer weiß. Cc: wer weiß wer weiß wer weiß wer weiß. Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 1:48 PM Subject: Re: school shooting

schul-shooting halten wir für ein yellowpress-thema. <> in our eyes, the school-shooting is a pure yellowpress topic.

daher eindeutig absage.

<> so: we refuse.

wir werden – was bildung betrifft – erst über die bildungsproteste (berlin june 09), students and pupils together, education strike europewide – berichten. vorher ist april “global day of action” (20-29.4.)

<> if you ask for school/education items: we’ll will report about the

– global action week (students protests), 20.-29. april 2009 and the

– germanwide education strike in june 2009.

nur diese beiden ereignisse bieten wir für die nächste zeit in der sparte “bildung” an. ob wir allerdings dabei auch für xxxxx etwas machen können, hängt von der presse ab, mit der xxxxxxxx sich in kontakt setzt. bei zuviel yellow-press-abnehmern von xxxxxxx werden wir den service nicht anbieten können.

<> only those both education items will be covered by our reporters. but – if we will send contents from those events to xxxxxxx, this will depend on the question, which press xxxxxx is in contact with. if there are too many yellowpress “newspapers” or yellowpress online-“media” as partners of xxxxxxx until then, we will deny this, too.



daraufhin erreichte uns kürzlich eine weitere antwort:

—– Original Message —–
From: xxxxxxxxx
To: ein redaktionsmitglied von wikinews030
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2009 1:02 PM
Subject: partnerschaften

Unser sales team hat bis jetzt folgende partnershaften/verkaufe erstellt:

Wir haben ueber ….. bezahlt fuer ueber 150 usage licenses.
Darunter sind BBC, …, The Telegraph, the Sunday Times, …, …, and …. magazine,  an die wir kuerzlich verkauft haben. XXXXX sendet außerdem Bilder an ueber 60 Publikationen, darunter an Stern, Le Point in France, Newsweek . Wir pitchen und haben Kontakte zu BBC, SKY, ITN, ALjazeera, NAN10, CBS, NBS, FOX, ABC und andere.


Wir jedoch sind bei dieser Aufzählung noch nicht wirklich überzeugt. Es ist ein Anfang, über den sich nachdenken läßt, aber stark ausbaubar, wie wir finden. Zusammengefaßt lautet unsere Antwort:
“Hm – – let´s see.”

… shortly later, on Jan29th 2011, this talk was, btw, lead on. click here to find a short fraction of this discussion (re AP [AssociatedPress] calling fof free pics)

and another fraction of this talk also here (site needs a text focused part of the platform)


Written by wn030

February 25, 2009 at 9:18 am

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