please note our disclaimer page – we have nothing in common with the Wikimedia Foundation

Disclaimer – “wikinews030” is neither “endorsed by” the Wikimedia Foundation nor have we ever claimed that nor do we intend to claim that nor do we have reasons to endorse them.

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Alright, so – according to fresh news arriving in December 2012, there seem to be some folks on a page belonging to the Wikimedia Foundation worried that our page here might be confused with their registered trademark.

According to the discussion we read there, a diclaimer might be what was missing here and what applies in our case.

Absolutely no problem – here is the missing disclaimer.

“wikinews030” has nothing to do with the Wikimedia Foundation. We do not intend to claim that we are connected with or endorsed by them, never claimed that and definitely do not plan to do so. We have reasons to doubt that a confusion of the name of our wordpress page with their registered trademark could be possible at all.

In addition to the absolutely different character of contents we post and the different background of our name which has its roots a wiki structure, however in a wiki not connected with the Wikimedia Foundation in any way, we also never visually resembled them. Apart of the simple fact that this is a wordpress page, our accounts have our own gravatars that we use for years that never resembled their logo – neither in form, nor colors nor shape. As for the page itself – it has no logo because this page does not need one. We offer information and we offer it for free. For most contents, this information is of journalistic nature on basis of own research on the ground plus literary contents. For web based research, we are not using pages connected with the Wikimedia Foundation for obvious reasons. However, links to pages on wikipedia can be found on 2 or 3 posts of our entire page. If the Wikimedia Foundation construes these 2 or 3 links to wikipedia as links that might confuse our readers – our readers typically are not that naive, but you assume that… – then we of course can delete those links the very same day we receive a hint from you that you prefer that. This will be no problem at all, actually.

You are asking why exactly we, aside of being neither connected with nor endorsed by them, have no reasons to endorse them? – Well, aside of the mentioned strange news showing us that the Foundation seems to prefer to throw donated money away for legal fights against wordpress pages instead of doing something productive with it – aside of such reasons, we simply do not want to be confused with anything related to a Foundation that has these issues or that kind of problems.




Written by wn030

December 19, 2012 at 12:35 pm

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